Thursday, June 25, 2009

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“How should we eat the flesh of American soldiers ?”

The religion of pieces discussing a burning question in a Jihadist forum.

by Ferdinand III

There were moderate Nazis. Moderate Communists. Moderate Castroists. Perhaps there are even moderate followers of the divine Prophet Obamed. So of course there must be moderate Jihadists and moderate Muslims supporting Islamic imperialism.

PHDs [pretty happy dude degrees] will be published aplenty in which out of work 30 somethings list the evils of Western civilisation and extol the glories of Islamic poverty, imperialism, ignorance and cult rituals. The media will be feverishly recasting views and not news, narrating the wonderful spirituality of the Muslim next door [ah he likes my doggie too]. Politicians will be stentoriously informing the hoi-polloi that multi-culturalism is the end development of mankind and Islam a necessary antidote to Western perfidy, crime and neo-colonialist savagery.

But not many of these fellow-travelers would bother to actually go on a jihadist website and listen to Muslims discuss the Kaffir, the infidel, the crusader, or the Jew.

The Middle East Research Media Institute does. And one of their reports presents a shocking but everyday occurrence in the Muslim world. An online discussion by Muslims on how best to eat US soldiers.

Should it follow halal ? What sauces and spices would make it more palatable ? How long to tenderize it ?

Such discussions are always trivialized in the West. Most Muslims in the West don't approve. Most love their Christian and Jew and atheist neighbors. Most are wonderful pillars of community support. The usual litany of nonsense without even the benefit of anecdotal support or common sense. If this is all true how does one explain that over ½ of Muslims in the US or Britain 'understand' why Muslim terror occurs [meaning they support it, in some way]; or the millions of dollars flowing from America and Europe to Muslim terror groups in the Middle East ?

Muslim jihad and violence are a pandemic which by definition means that a large percentage of Muslims support either aggressive military jihad, or at the very least a cultural jihad of changing the West to conform to Islam.

The MEMRI article highlights the primitive barbarity of Muslim savagery. [see here for the article]

“On June 13, 2009, a member of the Al-Falluja forum who uses the moniker "Al-Maqdisi's Student" wrote a post based on this passage [in full report] titled "Is it permitted to eat the flesh of American soldiers? ............Al-Maqdisi's Student" then cites the aforementioned passage from Al-Maqdisi's Beginner's Guide and follows up with the words: "The mujahideen should inform their belligerent [infidel] and apostate enemies of this exceptional law so that they can bring it up and study it at their conferences on human rights, counterterrorism, and so on! Then they in turn can proclaim that our soldiers lick their lips [at the thought of] eating the flesh of their hamburger- and Pepsi-eating soldiers!

"If We... Eat Americans, Let's Make Them Into A Gunpowder-Flavored Kabsa With Some Hors D'oeuvres Made Of Apostates"

[a poster] Abu Hajir Al-Muqrin wrote: "If we are forced to eat Americans, let's make them into a gunpowder-flavored kabsa with some hors d'oeuvres made of apostates."
[another blogger] Muhammad Al-Baghdadi wrote: "But the slaughtering needs to be according to the shari'a. He then wrote "perhaps this is the best way" above stills from the Nick Berg decapitation video."

This blog posting and discussion is not unique. It savagery happens hundreds of times a day in the Muslim world, articulated by literally thousands of Muslims. There are no Christian and Jew sites of the same barbarity. White supremacist sites have very small followings. Not so Islamic. With 1.3 billion adherents the Islamic cult can draw from a wide and deep pool of resources – many of whom are not humanists, realists, or moralists, but Koranic besotted savages who wish for a Muslim Caliphate and Islamic world rule.

This MEMRI article also contained this factual piece of early Islamic imperialism and pre-modern crudity.

"A quote from the illustrious Sheikh Al-Maqdisi, may Allah preserve him." He began by recounting an exchange between the early Muslim commander Khalid b. Al-Walid and the Byzantine commander at the battle of Yarmuk (in the year 636 C.E.) The Byzantine commander said to Khalid that the Muslims had only gone out from their land due to hunger, and offered to buy them off. Khalid responded: "It was not hunger that drove us out of our land, as you say; we are a people who drink blood, and we know that there is no blood more delicious than Byzantine blood. That is why we came."

Islam was spread the sword. Gold, booty, women, plunder, and the destruction of higher civilisations were the animating and attracting forces for Islamic imperialism. The lust for blood, to conquer and to humiliate still runs strong throughout much of Islam.

Ignoring that reality is simply ignorant. But ignorance is a hallmark of multi-cult piety and post modern irrationality.