Monday, July 13, 2009

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Suffering through the Koran – Sura 23 named 'The Believers'.

Humble yourself in front of the Meccan Moon Deity Ali-ilah.....or else.

by Ferdinand III

“The Believers must (eventually) win through, - Those who humble themselves in their prayers....Again, on the Day of Judgment, you will be raised up.” [23:2] Believe and 'win' against the enemies of the Meccan moon cult and enter Heaven. Humble yourself and prostrate your humanity before an Arab idol and be successful. And if you don't ? “We made them as rubbish of dead leaves (floating on the stream of Time!) So away with people who do wrong!” [23:41]. 'Wrong' for Muslims means not following Islam of course. How very tolerant.

'The Believers' is a chapter screed on the superiority of the Islamic cult. Developed some 2000 years after formal Hebrew Judaism, Islam claims to be the progenitor of all other monotheism's. Being the 'father' of all semitic based faiths, gives Islam a lineage of superiority – or so Muslims claim. It is quite irrational and psycho-pathological to claim 2000 years after the advent of Judaism that somehow your cult was 'responsible' for the Judaic creed and its monotheistic innovation. But nothing in Islam is rational.

“(Further, We sent a long line of prophets for your instruction). We sent Noah to his people: he said, 'O my people! Worship Allah! You have no other god but Him. Will you not fear (Him)?”

It is highly unlikely that Noah who was born about 3000 BC would have invoked an Arabian moon deity that he had never heard of, some 3600 years before it became the basis of the Mohammedan cult. Such ahistorical madness is a singular failure both of the lack of imagination of Arab culture, and more particularly the mental mediocrity of the Koranic writers and of Mohammed himself – an illiterate adventurer who was too intellectually lazy to invent his own system of ethics, so he and his brigand friends stole the Jewish story. Yet such pathology is deemed 'holy'.

Mary and Christ are likewise portrayed in this Sura and in others, as creations of 'Allah' thus negating the relevancy of the Christian cult and faith, “And We made the son of Mary and his mother as a Sign: We gave them both shelter on high ground affording rest and security and furnished with springs.”

This sentence is fantastical and markedly insane. It is a complete rewriting of history.

Christ, educated by John the Baptist and the Essenes and who probably knew basic white magic, developed a Jewish sect dedicated to simplifying the Jewish moral code and eradicating the corruption of the Pharisees [teachers], the Temple, Roman governance, and their Sadducee allies [priests]. His program was aimed at liberating the poor, the sick, the powerless and the female.

Christ – his life, his teachings and his goals – shares nothing in common whatsoever with Mohammed, the Arab moon cult, or Islam. The two are extreme opposites. Christianity is a faith built around the Golden Rule, Islam has no such rule and enforces the opposite – extreme supremacism and racism, two characteristics it shares in common with Hitlerism.

Since wealthy Christian villages and traders were predominant in the Arabian peninsula during the 7th century AD it comes as no surprise that the Mohammedan cult would want to disavow and nullify such a monotheistic competitor. There is no better way to do this than to turn Christ into a Muslim prophet or to conflate the mores and teachings of Christ with that of the pagan warlord Mohammed. The Muslims are attempting a synthesis of the Judaic moral-ethical code with the savagery of an illiterate 7th century Arab culture.

It is pure fantasy.

In the Koranic make-believe world, the Jews and Christians are wayward Muslims who must be re-converted to the moon cult 'path' of ritualised obedience, or punished, “If We had mercy on them and removed the distress which is on them, they would obstinately persist in their transgression, wandering in distraction to and fro. We inflicted punishment on them, but they did not humble themselves to their Lord, nor do they submissively entreat (Him)! [23: 75,76]

This attitude is simply astounding. Christians and Jews need to humble themselves to the Lord of the 'We' or Muslims. If they don't they will be severely punished. They are lost, and Islam is found. Muslims have to show these people the right path, or else they are open to terror and physical assault.

No Golden Rule in this Sura.

Muslims of course will receive ever-lasting life: “they will attain salvation.” [23: 102]. The Jews and Christians will “have lost their souls; in Hell will they abide.” [23: 103]. No fun times, post-mortem for the infidels.

But even more importantly Allah promises that the infidels and kaffirs will not win the mighty battle for world supremacy and the assumption of temporal power: “If anyone invokes, besides Allah, any other god, he has no authority therefore; and his reckoning will be only with his Lord! And verily the Unbelievers will fail to win through!” [23: 118]

And that after all is the most vital theme of the Koran. Infidels will lose and perish. Muslims will 'win'.

An ideology of tolerance this is not. It is a clear division of the world into Muslims and non-Muslims. It adjures supremacist violence. It militates against the relativity-multi cult world so beloved by the chattering elite and their poorly educated supporters.

There is not much which is holy in the Koranic ideal one could say.

[Note: This sura is taken from 'The Holy Quran', translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, reprinted in 1995, Goodword Books. Regarded as one of the best translations from Arabic to English of the Koran.]