Friday, July 31, 2009

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Suffering through the Koran – Sura 28, 'The Narration '.

Pre-destination passing as 'Narration'. No will but Allah's.

by Ferdinand III

There is nothing about this Sura's narrative which is either new or even mildly spiritual. Instead it is an extreme screed largely about pre-destination. Allah – whatever it is – controls all. The human is unimportant. Obeying the moon cult or moon deity is. This Sura is just another example of Islam's indifference to humanist ideals, true religious insights and anything to do with the spiritual-mental development of the individual.

According to the fantasists who wrote the Koran over a period of some 300 years, Moses and all Jewish prophets were of course in the employ of the great moon figure, Ali-ilah: “O Moses ! Verily I am Allah, the Lord of the Worlds....” [28:30]. Moses who led some Hebrews [probably no more than a few hundred], out of Egyptian slavery back to the land of the Canaanites, and whose discovery of monotheism was probably a result of contacts with those who were familiar with the oral tradition around Abraham and with the Midians who were also following the radical concept of single God worship, was of course unfamiliar with the 5.000 year old Meccan tradition of moon worship. Jehovah and Jewish monotheism has nothing in common with Ali-ilah the Meccan male moon deity.

Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Old Testament. He was the literate Egyptian-educated Jewish lawgiver, who was the first leader to write down Jewish oral traditions into a code of conduct and ethics. His work was instrumental in helping to form the metaphysical and moral basis of modern civilisation. Moses was not just the patriarch of the Jewish faith and the progenitor of various Jewish prophets from Elijah, to David, to Benjamin, to Jesus. But he was one of the key figures in history since his ideas and leadership helped reform the existential existence of humans so that civilisation and human progress could succeed.

It is obvious that in a struggle of monotheistic ideology, Muslims have every incentive to appropriate Moses as one of their own. It nullifies Jewish tradition and it gives Islam instant credibility, if it can 'prove' that somehow Moses was a follower of the Meccan moon cult. In order to discredit the competitive and superior claims of Judaism in the 7th century AD, and promote Islam, Muslims must somehow convince themselves that the Jewish monotheist leader Moses, was in actual fact a follower of the Mohammed's cult.

It is of course an incurable pathology to rewrite history in which Jews are actually Muslims and in which Moses, a man dedicated to Jewish laws based around ideals which have little in common with Islam, is magically transposed into a follower of the bloody, immoral, and fastidiously violent Mohammedan cult.

“We revealed to Moses the Book after We had destroyed the earlier generations, (to give) Insight to men, and Guidance and Mercy, that they might receive admonition.” [28:43]

'We' the Muslims – an ideology born some 2000 years after Moses – actually informed Moses of Jewish laws, Jewish traditions and helped Moses write his 5 books of Jewish ethics. Who did the writing of these works ? The moon guy ? An illiterate Arab such as Mohammed ? The Koran does not say. It is absurd to credit Islam with the works of Moses – but that is what the twisted minds who wrote the Koran would like us to believe.

Even the deranged scribblers of the Koran appreciated the absurdity of their claim to be the 'We' who directed and guided Moses: “But (now), when the Truth has come to them from Ourselves, they say, 'Why are not (Signs) sent to him, like those which were sent to Moses.'” [28:48] In other words we the Quraysh Arab tribe have now revealed to Jews and Arabs alike, the real 'truth' of Allah and Islam. But the Jews still complain that there are no 'Signs' such as a burning bush, the tablets containing the commandments, or the magical feats produced by Moses, being offered by Mohammed. Ah those insolent Jews, always asking for proof.

The answer is simple, Allah is all powerful and does not need to give specific 'Signs'. Allah helps those he wants to help. And he kills those he does not like. It is rather simple isn't it ?

“...but Allah guides those whom He will. And He knows best those who receive guidance.” [28:56]

“And how many populations We destroyed, which exulted in their life (of ease and plenty)! Now those habitations of theirs, after them, are deserted, - all but a (miserable) few ! and We are their heirs!” [28:58]

Muslims are the heirs to not only Jewish faith, but the progress and civilisation of Judeo-Christianity. Both the Jews and Christians were decidedly superior to the Mohammedan pagans in the 7th century. Jewish and Christian sites and trading centers abounded in Arabia and most were prosperous and civilised far beyond what the Arabs could produce. A fact still in evidence today. The Christian Byzantine empire was a sophisticated and richly endowed empire which controlled the eastern Mediterranean and was an entrepot of science, education, commerce and learning. The Arabs by contrast were poor, illiterate, vicious and undeveloped.

Allah was thus the unifying ideology and concept which could unite the impoverished Arab tribes to challenge their monotheist superiors. Allah's predestination favored and still favors the Arabs and guarantees them domination over the hated Jews and Christians, “Your Lord creates and chooses as He pleases: no choice have they (in the matter): Glory to Allah! and far is He above the partners they ascribe (to Him)!” [28:68]

Predestination and will to rule is a fascist concept. It allows for no rationality, humanism, debate or even questioning. Allah rules and he has decided who will triumph and who will go to Hell and be destroyed. That is it. So submit to Allah, grovel to him, and hope that he takes pity on you and rewards you with his grace.

That is not a religious injunction, nor an article of faith. It is a creed of intolerant fascistic prostration and it is no different than Hitler's demand that the subject nations of Europe pay homage and deference to the shrine of Nazi superiority.

[Note: This sura is taken from 'The Holy Quran', translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, reprinted in 1995, Goodword Books. Regarded as one of the best translations from Arabic to English of the Koran.]