Friday, December 10, 2010

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The 'uncreated' Koran.

If it is the word of 'God' it is a sorry 'God' indeed.

by Ferdinand III

As expostulated before, Koranic and Muslim fascist imperialism – there is no other proper name for it – emanates from the Koran. For Muslims the Koran is 'uncreated' meaning that it comes from 'God' directly. If you were to remove this supposedly 'uncreated' Koran from existence, the Mohammed cult, Arab imperialism and the dark slavery-based theology of perverted Islam, vanishes. The Koran is the fountainhead of Islamic beliefs, actions, words and violence. Deny the Koran, or prove it to be just another document written by semi-illiterate Arab Bedouin trying to impose a political system on pagans, polytheists, Jews and Christians, and the entire Muslim experiment simply implodes.

“The entire belief system and impetus to Muslim expansionism implodes once this simple truth is accepted: the Koran is nothing more than a man-made document with all the problems, foibles, lies, distortions, and contradictions which any written human endeavor lasting hundreds of years, would create. Indeed even today the Koran found in Pakistan or North Africa will differ from the one found in Arabia, Yemen or Oman. There is no single Koran. There is only 'a' Koran depending on where you live.”

Muslims – at least the more pious of them – truly do believe that the Koran is the pure word of a 'God', perfectly rendered to an illiterate military and political leader in Mecca, espousing the 'correct path or Sharia' of living. Muslims do not like to be challenged with the truth that the 'uncreated' Koran is a myth. The Koran is simply a very poorly written, disorganized, repetitive, barbaric, boring and violently racist and supremacist tract with no Golden rule; no higher ethics and no regard for non-Muslims. In fact only 2 % of less of the verses in the Koran have any ethical content [see here]. The Koran is simply a precursor of later German and Russian socialist dialectical fantasies and rants; imploring the reader to believe that 'this book and its rules' are absolute divinely inspired truths and that Islam is pre-destined to rule and conquer the globe.

Destroy the myth of the Koran, and you destroy the premise of Islamic fascist imperialism.


We know that Muslims hold the Koran to be the world of God since they tell us so. Muslim Imams and preachers make this very clear. It is one way they wield power over their Muslim followers. If a follower of Islam offends Allah or deigns to question the Koran he will go to Hell. This is expressed very clearly throughout the entire document.

In the Koran we are told that Allah, who is of course Ali-ilah or the Meccan male moon deity and family idol of Mohammed; is the one who 'created' the book of Muslim worship [or fantasy depending on your view]. The Koran is a called a copy of the 'Mother Book' [85:22], with the Mother Book being the first and only book of the divine being. The Koran thus comes from the perfect and eternal book of the great Allah – the eye in the sky so to speak. The Koran through the words of Allah, often references itself, naming itself as the wise book [31:2] and a divine production [10:37].

I have never counted the number of times the Koran is referenced in the Koran, as a perfect or divinely inspired production, but a rough guess would put the total at 50 or more. It seems rather odd to me – an infidel pig to be certain – that the moon deity Allah has to keep repeating the fact, that the Koran is 'uncreated'. One would assume that this should be obvious in and of itself if the book really was divine.

What God makes people read his works – which are badly disorganized and incomprehensible – in one language only ? Muslims around the world chant in Arabic 5 times a day from this disastrous document – even though 80% of Muslims don't speak Arabic. This is little more than Arab imperialism. The Christian Bible is translated into the vernacular of every tribe and group in the world. Christians don't implore you to use only Queen's English when reading or reciting from their works. Yet very curiously the Arabs do mandate that if you want to get close to the moon deity of Mecca you have to chatter in Arabic – an obscure and clumsy language and one which is rather crude and undeveloped. It would be as if a Nepalese 'prophet' enjoined the world to pray to his 'new God' only in Nepalese because that is the purest and greatest of tongues.

The Koran is not 'uncreated'. Most likely the Koran was started even before Mohammed was born and it certainly was changed many times from the 7th to 11th centuries. Koranic statements found in Sanaa in Yemen pre-dating Mohammed have been discovered. Given that Islam comes from a 5.000 year old moon cult with its male deity centered in Mecca, this would make sense. Islam was built on a far older tradition of Meccan-Arab beliefs and there would no logical reason why the Koran as a foundational text of Mohammed's earthly power, would not contain his own cult's writings, sayings and laws. What rational person would argue that this is impossible?

We know that different Arabic scripts, dialects and prose structures are found throughout the Koran. Mis-interpretations abound in the Koran. For example the use of Syriac Arabic is found all over the Koran and the use of such a dialect would logically have followed the Arab invasion and destruction of Christian Syria and the establishment of Damascus as the center of Muslim empire in the 9th century. The Syriac script and dialect is quite different than Meccan Arabic – or the earlier words written in the Koran. Thus the debate within Islam on jihadis and Mohammedan warriors who fight for the faith, going to heaven to receive their 72 doe eyed virgins and nubile young boy servants. If Syriac words are used in this sura, and it would make more sense if they were used given the actual context of what is being written, the true Muslim believer will only receive good wine and drink in heaven – not the hot babes and the young pre-teen boys. Alas poor jihadis.

In any event the Koran is like the Bible, a heterogeneous mixture of writers, languages, dialects, actors and points of view. It is a document not only of laws, ideas and perhaps Arab ethics, but a propaganda instrument. It purports to solve all of life's problems for the reader by laying out an indestructible plan for living. Follow the Koran and you will be saved. Don't follow it and you might be killed, exiled, or have your private property taken away.

Some say that the Koran which is a racist and fascist tract should be banned. I would say that the opposite is needed. The Koran needs to be analyzed and studied. The comparisons with Mein Kampf are valid and legion. The deconstruction of the Koran's from one of a divine and holy nature, to a political theology written over centuries to subjugate people, is mandatory. Only when the Koran is analyzed and evaluated and put into context will Muslims have a chance to reform their ideology. And this is the key point.

The only hope for Islam and for Muslims is a complete renewal and reconstruction of their beliefs through the reformation of their main theological books. If Muslims will admit that the Koran is man-made and full of immoral, violent and racist ranting, than perhaps there is some hope that they can reform their political theology into something 'moderate' – a word which today does not and cannot be ascribed to anything Islamic.