Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Suffering through the Koran, Sura 50, 'Qaf' or Great News.

Not Great News. Nothing but Bad News.

by Ferdinand III

Qaf in Arabic means roughly, 'Great News'. For Muslims the 'Great News' is Islam and as Sura 50 states in its opening verse, 'By the Glorious Qur'an (you are Allah's Messenger).' Qaf is thus of two parts. First is the 'revelation' that the political-military leader Mohammed is reconfirmed [yet again], to be the oracular trumpet of 'Allah', or Ali-ilah, the male Meccan moon deity [and family idol of Mohammed], which is erroneously conflated with the Christian ideal of 'God'. Second, the Great News is that by following Mohammed and Ali-ilah, you the pious Muslim will receive an after-life, and the infidels and 'hypocrites' will roast in hell-fire. Great news ideed.

As this Sura makes clear, the Koran is not only a flammable mixture of hate speech, supremacism, racism and violence, it is also deeply worried about the legitimacy of Mohammed. The male moon deity is the principal narrator [or so Muslim jurisprudence tells us], but oftentimes the narrative moves from the first to the third, and back to the first person. 'We' is used throughout the Koran, which could be the 'We' of Allah and Mohammed [the most righteous combination]; the 'We' of Islam denoting the aggregate including the redoubtable and most-perfect leadership of Mohammed; or the 'We' of Allah's creations including the natural biomass, the firmament, the stars and the galaxies. Thus we have the rather bizarre claim that;

“It was We Who created man, and We know what dark suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein.” [50:16]

'We' most likely means Mohammed and Allah. Is it not curious that somehow Mohammed was involved with creation ? And is it also not worrisome to rational minds that both Allah and Mohammed will know everything that you are doing and thinking ? The use of singular and plural pronouns to illustrate demands and create laws is surely a strong signal that something is not right, in the rational and mental balance of the Koranic writers, or with Mohammed, who apparently illiterate, recited these words directly from the angel Gabriel, who took the 'pure word' of God, from the 'Mother of all books', kept by the moon deity Allah.

So if you are a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim who thinks bad thoughts, and acts in an Un-Islamic manner, you are doomed. The gang of 'We' will know about it. Even if you pretend to be Islamic but do not follow the Koran or Mohammed's rules, you are still going into the fire of damnation, you tricky apostate or infidel. Team 'We' will not be fooled:

“(The sentence will be:) 'Do cast into Hell every contumacious rejector (of Allah).” [50:24] and

“Who set up another god beside Allah: throw him into a severe penalty.” [50: 26] and

“But how many generations before them did We destroy (for their sins), -- stronger in power than they? [50:36]

These passages are not charitable, loving words of gratitude and tolerance. They are violent expressions of supremacism. Allah destroyed many Jew, Christian and pagan Arab generations [50:36]; and gives out severe penalties and sentences in Hell for the unbelievers or apostates [50:26; 22]. Allah knows all, and your only hope is to accept Muslim fatalism and the nullity of free-will; and rejoice in your own worthlessness, “We know best what they say: and you are not one to overawe them by force. So admonish with the Qur'an such as fear My Warning!” [50:25] In other words, if someone rejects Islam, just wave the Koran in their face and tell them that Allah knows of their perfidy and will condemn them to eternal torture and hell-fire for their hypocrisy and blindness.

Let us keep in mind however, that in other parts of the Koran, it is clearly stated that Allah has already decided that the 'hypocrites' and Unbelievers, are going to reject the Islamic message. So here we have an odd perversity. Infidels are going to die in hell-fire, but Allah has pre-destined them to this fate, by forcing them to reject Islam. This is very weird and decidedly irreligious.

In any event, according to Qaf, the Great News, is that Mohammed has brought the word of Allah to mankind. Allah is the real and only divine power in existence because the Koran says so. The proof is in nature. Allah apparently is responsible for, “...tall (and stately) palm-trees, with shoots of fruit-stalks piled one over another – As sustenance for (Allah's) servants; - and We give (new) life therewith to land that is dead: thus will be the Resurrection.” [50:11]

The Koran is famously a badly plagiarized and corrupted version of Jewish and Christian texts. In verse 11 we have the proof of Allah's power evinced by the fact that he provides food and sustenance for – very significantly – his servants or slaves. Submission is Islam. Submit to Allah since he provides everything you need in life, including an after-life – a concept which originated in its modern theological version, understood by us today, with neo-Platonist Greek and Christian philosophers in post-Christ Alexandria.

So let's summarize the irrational, irreligious nature of Sura 50. Allah is God because the natural biomass is proof of this. Mohammed is the supreme leader of Islam because Allah said so. Both will know all your thoughts and actions. If you don't follow Islamic doctrine you are going to be eternally punished.

And where exactly is the code of ethics, the spirit of tolerance, the impulse to gratitude, or the demand for free-will and individual respect in all of this ? 'Great News' ? More like terrible news of Arab pagan irrationality and supremacism.

[Note: This sura is taken from 'The Holy Quran', translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, reprinted in 1995, Goodword Books. Regarded as one of the best translations from Arabic to English of the Koran.]