Friday, July 16, 2010

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The Qu'ranic 'God' is not your God.

Neither is the Tree God on my property.

by Ferdinand III

The back of the Koran gives this mendacious and apocryphal message, designed to trick and cajole the unwary into thinking that a moon cult deity from Mecca, Al-Allah, is the immanent and universal 'God' of human aspiration and yearning: “The Quran explains that it is this One God alone who sustains us throughout our lives here on this earth. Through Him our hearts are set at ease....” What nonsense. There are many things wrong with this statement and its expostulations that wonder, peace and harmony can be achieved through submitting yourself to a Meccan moon idol. The most obvious is that none of these sentiments can be found anywhere in the Koran, nor anywhere in Islamic liturgy. The Koran is a racist and supremacist rant, worse than Mein Kampf, as illiterate as Lenin's 'Imperialism' and as immoral as Mao's 'Little Red Book'. This is clear to anyone who spends more than 2 minutes reading this barbaric piece of pre-modern insanity.

Muslims lie about their faith. They are largely ignorant about the history of Islam, or even what the Koran really says. Lying or Taqiya is standard Arab and Muslim practice. Lie, steal, thieve, deceive, and distort to get what you want. In the Muslim lust to control society and undermine the West, any action or statement to get power, put enemies on the defensive, or undermine institutions must and will be used. Those Muslims who don't lie remain deeply uninformed about their own cult. Ask any Muslim about any aspect of Islamic and Arab imperialism and you will be staring at a blank and very dumb face. Ask them to 'translate' Sura 9 verse 29, and explain the violence of this late Medina Sura which is one of the last and most important 'revelations' by the moon deity to Mohammed: “Fight those who do not believe in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger.....until they pay the Jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.” The Muslim will slobber, stammer and call you names. But he or she can't deny that the Koran is littered on every page with statements like 9:29. Pull out a Koran, and pick any page at random. You will read the same sentiments over and over again. Mis-translation? Please. The Koran is not mis-translated, it is just a racist document which is a gigantic mistake.

Muslims equate a pagan moon object – the male moon deity of Mecca – with 'God'. This is not very intelligent. Al-Allah is not 'God'. Al-Allah has nothing in common with Judeo-Christian ideals about monotheistic worship. Mohammed stole and plagiarized the cannons of monotheistic belief and melded them with Arab paganism. He pronounced the wreckage of this merger the only true 'religion'. Islam is no more a 'religion' of true faith and ethical ideals than Scientology. Like Scientology, Islam is simply a celestial cult – one that was widespread throughout Arabia for millennia before Mohammed in the 7th century used monotheism to establish a political ideology, to unite and control pagan, poor, brutal, and quite illiterate Arab society.

The Koranic God only exists as a force of benevolence for Muslims. The 'others', the infidels, the Jews, Christians and Kufars, are exempted from any magnanimity that this Koranic entity might possess for those who submit themselves to his, or its, Sharia law, and Muslim society. It would be as if I proselytized that my tree God, sitting magnificent and benign on my property, is the true God who will guide you through life and give you peace and harmony.....why would anyone who can stand upright believe such gibberish? Islam is pagan. Islam is rural. Islam is for the uneducated, irrational, and power mongering who wish to see the world soaked in a blood sacrifice to a moon idol:

“Islam which was not created until 610 AD, was one of these pagan cults on the outskirts of Rome's borders in the poor heartland of Arabia. Mecca was an entrepot and trading center but was a poor village compared with the urban colossi of Rome's world. Moon cults had been established in Mecca for some 3.000 years before the Romanization of parts of the Near East. It was in essence an Arab death cult where 360 idols vied for power. Slavery, child sacrifice, female mutilation and abuse, violence, brigandage – all these were the hallmarks of the moon cult society. No Book of Matthew and no Golden Rule. The savagery of this moon cult would of course transform itself into Islam and find its hysterical expression in the gibberish called the Koran.

For early Christians the pagus was in essence an illiterate, uneducated, and unreformed country side hick. One can well imagine the urban, educated and Roman inspired Christian laughing at the country boys and girls, making fun of their clothes, their lack of teeth, their funny hats and the savagery of their superstition. They would be classed as irredeemably moronic and barbarian and utterly pagan, praying to moon deities, rocks, trees, asteroids, or throwing stones at little devils as Muslims still now do. If any 4th century Christian did know about the Arabian moon cult, it would have been dismissed as just another form of pagus inspired nonsense. A laughingstock.

And that rather crude reaction was and is the right one. Islam is no more a religion than any cult which would have a moon, a rock, an asteroid, or little devils as centralities to a system of ritualization. Islam is an Arabian invention premised on thousands of years of pagus worship. It has nothing in common with Christian theology, ideals, ethos or even the Christian concept of creating a modern world to ease pain and suffering.”

Islam is a pagus theology. It is the opposite of Western civilization and has no connection whatsoever, in any way, with either Judaism or Christianity. The Koran lies. The back cover discusses 'God'. A male moon deity is not a 'God' any more than the planet of Theta in Scientology is real. My tree God is not your God and the Meccan moon idol is also not your God.