Friday, October 22, 2010

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Suffering through the Koran, Sura 56, 'The Inevitable Event'.

Such as building a Muslim monument overlooking Ground Zero?

by Ferdinand III

The Koran is the supremacist-racist theology of Fascism par excellence. Violence, hate, no Golden Rule and swaggering, uncivilized Muslim incantations litter the execrable tract. This Sura named 'The Inevitable Event' was written after the Muslims conquered Mecca in 630 A.D, a feat which united the Arab tribes into one political unit. This Sura was used as a 'revelation' against Jews, Christians and pagan Animists who refused to submit to the Meccan male moon deity cult run by the exaggeratedly insane Mohammed. The chapter is nothing more than a litany of hate.

This Sura has 96 lines or verses. Of these, 57 are full of hate against non-Muslims, describing in graphic detail how they will burn and boil in Hell for the sin of rejecting the Meccan moon cult. 16 lines praise the fundamentalist followers of the Koran as being the most cherished by Al-Allah. 14 verses wax redolent about those Muslims who are not perfect followers of Koranic law, but who nonetheless do support the Allah-cult. They, like the fundamentalist defenders of the moon cult, shall also be rewarded with ever-lasting bounty, water, wine, women and painless existence in Heaven.

The 'Inevitable Event' according to this Sura and the Koran, is the end of times. Judgement Day. This is when all humans will be 'called to account' and judged by the celestial deity Al-Allah. It is never made clear in the Koran if this is one single gigantic event, or if it happens immediately after a person dies [in Christian theology, time post death does not exist, so the future and present are welded together and Judgement Day would occur upon the fact of death]. This Sura makes it clear that every person will be placed into one of three categories. The 'great supporters' of the moon cult. The less fundamentalist but extremely useful and pious submitters to the cult of the Meccan moon object. And the rest.

“When the earth shall be shaken to its depths, And the mountains shall be crumbled to atoms....And you will be sorted our into three classes. Then (there will be) the Companions of the Right Hand....And the Companions of the Left Hand....And those foremost (in Faith) will be Foremost (in the Hereafter). These will be nearest to Allah;” [56:4-11]

The winners in the lottery of Allah are the Companions of the Right Hand; and 'those foremost in Faith'. The third group the Companions of the Left Hard are the 'others' and they are doomed. The Left-Hand cadre will be punished by the vengeful, angry Allah. If you are not foremost in faith, or with Allah's right hand, you have no claim to exact tolerance, love, or compassion from the moon deity. Apparently he does not take kindly to those who don't follow Koranic law.

Notice that this Sura, like every Sura is utterly devoid of immanent and universal, ethics or morality. No Golden Rule exists in this Sura or anywhere else in the Koran. Islam and the Koran are race and ideology-specific. If you follow, you will win. If you don't, we will kill you. This is not a religion or faith, but simply a cult.

This Sura is a splendid example of Muslim intolerance, constructed once the moon cult had attained power in Medina, and than conquered Mecca. The intolerant, racist and supremacist violence of Koranic political ideology is now fully unleashed once Mecca submits. The message to any who might resist Islam in the Arabian peninsula is clear: you will go to 'heaven' if you support 'us' – 'us' being of course Mohammed and his moon god. If you don't support 'us' you are doomed. This shall be your fate if you oppose 'us':

“(They will be) in the midst of a fierce Blast of Fire and in Boiling Water, And in the shades of Black Smoke; Nothing (will there be) to refresh, nor to please: [56:42-44]

Hell is the abode of the non-Believers. The damned and impious will be boiled over and over again, in an eternal cycle of illimitable humiliation and punishment. This is what Islam always demands both in the realms of real-world society; and in fictionalized accounts of an after-life. Punishment, which never-ends, and which is beyond human comprehension in range and sadism, is the guaranteed destiny of anyone who does not submit to the moon cult. You will be destroyed and in hell you shall be lower than diseased, thirsty camels, begging the moon deity for respite:

“Indeed you shall drink like diseased camels raging with thirst!” [56:55]

How tolerant. How loving. How compassionate. How infused with love, gratitude and diversity.

Of course the multi-Cult Marxist mental midgets usually burst with orgiastic glee at Islam's salutation 'May Peace be with you'. But this 'peace' is reserved only for Muslims who are of the Right Hand, or 'First in Faith'. There is not 'peace' upon the group designated as the 'Left Hand' or those who will not bow down to the Meccan cult, casting aside their rationality, intelligence, and individuality. This Sura makes that clear.

“For him is the salutation, 'Peace be unto you,' from the Companions of the Right Hand. And if he be of those who treat (Truth) as Falsehood, who go wrong, For him is Entertainment with Boiling Water, And burning in Hell-Fire. Verily this is the Very Truth and Certainty.” [56:91-95]

Only the 'Companions' have peace upon them. If you are not part of the Companions of the Right Hand, or those most praised and prized by Allah, you will suffer a horrible fate. No peace will be upon you. Allah will entertain himself or itself, by perpetually boiling your useless human form in water. You will be set upon by fire, black smoke and a thirst so unbearable that you will act like a diseased, mentally dispossessed camel, begging no doubt, for the mercy of the moon deity. This is your destiny and you will not avoid it.

“We have decreed death to be your common lot, and We are not to be frustrated.” [56:60]

This is the main message of Islam isn't it? We will not be frustrated. Join us or die. That is it. A Manichean dichotomy. The world split into two. Reality and post-death futurism rendered very black and white. Join the winning team- the Muslim team. If you do 'peace' will be upon you. If not, you will be subjected to a humiliation in the after-life, full of hell, fire, boiling water and an eternal fate little better than a diseased camel, alone and suffering in the Arabian desert, begging for drink.


[Note: This sura is taken from 'The Holy Quran', translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, reprinted in 1995, Goodword Books. Regarded as one of the best translations from Arabic to English of the Koran.]