Friday, October 29, 2010

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The root of Muslim terror: Islamic law

Well what a surprise. I thought it was Lady Gaga....

by Ferdinand III



The really clever people including Muslims – those who invented the modern world – use lying or Taqqiya to spread Islamic tenets, anti-culture and Sharia law. For the cadre of Leftists and Muslims it is not Islam itself which promotes Jihad, racism, war, destruction, misogyny and hate. It is rather the acts of the infidels, the unclean barbarian pigs and monkeys, and the intolerance by mostly Whites and Jews which demands [according to Sura 2:178 and 179] the 'law of retaliation'. This Koranic law is very clear – Muslims have a duty to strike back at anyone they view as having somehow demeaned the theology of their insane founder the murderer, brigand, thief, child abductor, slave owner, sex slave harem owner, the psychologically ill Mohammed. I wonder who is more pathologically sick – Muslims following Mohammed or those criticizing Islam ?

One of the fundamental lies sold by the media and the really smart people is that Islam has 'law'. It certainly does not have a juridical code in the Western sense. Islamic 'law' is in actually fact a set of ritualizations. It was codified in the 12th century by Muslims whose highest ideal of learning was ossified Aristotleian theory much of which was non-empirical bunk. Western legal precedents however, are based on Justinian's code, and on Roman law both of which were founded on Judeo-Greco principles of justice, appropriate punishment, transparency, and precedent. Justinian's code was merged with Western medieval case law and given expression by Scottish law which uses as its point of departure the axiom, 'What truly happened here, and what punishment, given the individuals and circumstances involved is both legal and sensible?'. Western law is thus based on common sense, due process and a responsibility to the victim and to society. It is not a system of crass retribution but of justice.

Islamic law does not have any of the legal rationales around the Golden Rule, nor does it possess any of Justinian's codex, nor of Western Europe's flexible and common-sensical medieval system of justice. Islamic law is petrified – it has not, and cannot ever change. It is based entirely on Koranic ideals. If you transgress any part of the Koran – which is history's worst theological system ever devised – you will be punished. Thus women who are raped are blamed since in Koranic law, women are ¼ the value of a man; and a man is far superior in all matters to a woman. The misogny contained in the Koran and in Islamic law is not something that the really clever people will inform the average citizen.

Expert Raymond Ibrahim writes the truth when he describes Islamic 'law' as the fountainhead of Muslim racism, supremacism and intolerance:

Worse, offensive jihad is part and parcel of Islam; it is no less codified than, say, Islam’s Five Pillars, which no Muslim rejects.  The Encyclopaedia of Islam’s entry for “jihad” states that the “spread of Islam by arms is a religious duty upon Muslims in general. Jihad must continue to be done until the whole world is under the rule of Islam. … Islam must completely be made over before the doctrine of jihad can be eliminated.” Scholar Majid Khadduri (1909-2007), after defining jihad as warfare, writes that jihad “is regarded by all jurists, with almost no exception, as a collective obligation of the whole Muslim community.”

Even that chronic complainer Osama bin Laden makes it clear that offensive jihad is the root problem: “Our talks with the infidel West and our conflict with them ultimately revolve around one issue … and it is: Does Islam, or does it not, force people by the power of the sword to submit to its authority corporeally if not spiritually?  Yes. There are only three choices in Islam  … . Either submit, or live under the suzerainty of Islam, or die.”

Clearly, then, it is in the Muslim world’s interest to keep the West ignorant of the fact that, irrespective of all Muslim grievances — real or feigned — nothing less than Islamic law itself mandates a state of constant hostility.

There is no Western codification of war, Jihad, or endless conflict within our legal or religious systems. In fact of course the opposite within our religio-legal frameworks is preached. Islamic Jihad on the other hand is demanded by Islamic law which obviously means that Islam is not a religion in the Western definition of that word, but simply a poli-theocracy, or a political-social movement. There is not – repeat not – one single line within the Koran, which can be construed as imparting the Golden Rule. Only 2 % of the Koran has something nice to say, which is for Muslims only. The Koran has nothing good to say about non-Muslims. The world is divided into those who submit to the moon idol Al-Allah and those who don't. Jihad is a mandatory obligation under Koranic law to bring those who don't accept the moon cult under the control of Islam. That control can be in many forms – domination through war, second class status within a Muslim state, conversion to Islam, or ultimately the death of the unbeliever.

Islamic 'law' is not a codex of Justinian-like law per se, but simply a restatement of a Muslim's obligation to bring the entire globe under the control of the Meccan moon cult. Many Western idiot's including a high percentage of Christians and Jews protect Islam as a 'religion'. This is fantastical ignorance. If a poli-theocracy is advocating war, misogyny, racism and supremacism, how can it be, by definition, anything else other than a sad pre-modern fascist construct? The individual subsumed into the cult of submission. The juridical, moral and independent person eradicated by communal 'laws' and rituals.

Ibrahim and others are perfectly correct. The problem with Muslim terror is that the key Islamic document and its rituals or laws, demands Jihad. There is no way to argue against this statement, nor are there any facts to refute it.