Saturday, November 6, 2010

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Salim Mansur – a writer and professor who is a Muslim condemns Islam.

The 'religion of peace' will no doubt try to kill him.

by Ferdinand III


Islam is happiness, the Golden Rule [which does not exist in the Koran of course]; love for children, mother earth, and all of God's or the moon idol's [Al Allah] creatures – excepting Jews, Christians, Hindus, Confucians, Buddhists, Secularists, Scientologists, Atheists.....What a fun, caring and compassionate theology it doth must be, when the world has endured 1400 years of Jihad, war, violence, slave trading, anti-Semiticism, and misogyny. Obvioulsy Islam means moderation and peace.

Well not according to Muslim Islamophobe Salim Mansur. The Pakistani born, Canadian Muslim is writing screeds against the ideology called 'Submission'. Should we not criminalize him? Jail him? Maybe torture him? How dare a Muslim criticize Islam! Rampant Islamophobia from Muslims!

From the London Free Press [good name, at least some of our media are still free to print the truth]:

The non-Muslim world is increasingly not surprised and unmoved by the depravity of Muslim jihadis committing outrage, one after another without end in sight, and what can only be explained, unsatisfactorily, as a pathological wish to cause pain to the living by random acts of terrorist violence.

The murderous attack on the church in central Baghdad last Sunday by Muslim terrorists, if we go with the news reports, was merely another not unusual blood-soaked event in the daily cycle of news from Muslim countries.

But if such an atrocity was not just another criminal event in a “normal” day across the Arab-Muslim world, then we should have heard of a special meeting being called at the UN, or in one of the capitals of member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference to express outrage against those who killed innocent worshippers inside Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic Church in Baghdad.

We then should have heard of Muslim political and religious leaders expressing their grief over the dead and wounded – there were some 120 Iraqi Christians in attendance at the Sunday evening mass when Muslim terrorists attacked the church and left 58 dead with only a dozen escaping unhurt.

Instead, we have deathly silence of the Muslim leadership as non-Muslim minorities inside the Arab-Muslim world are routinely abused, their homes and places of worship under daily duress, and their hearts filled with fear of violent death in the hands of Muslim jihadis.

The silence signifies the abdication of any responsibility by governments of the Arab-Muslim world to protect non-Muslims in their countries, and severely punish those who target them.

Then there is the ignoble silence of Muslims here in Canada, and across the West, over the repeated atrocities committed against non-Muslim minorities in places like Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, or Sudan.

This silence of Muslim minorities in the West is even more despicable than that of Arab-Muslim governments. It reveals how little they understand, or respect, the political culture of societies where they have made their homes.

On the contrary, there is shrill denunciation by Muslim governments, and organizations representing Muslim minorities in the West, of the manufactured problem of “Islamophobia.”

Earlier this year the UN human rights council passed a resolution on “combatting defamation of religions” with particular reference to Islam.

The resolution, pushed by the OIC members, denounced anti-Muslim discrimination in the West following 9/11. It also expressed deep concern in respect to Islam “frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violation and terrorism.”

The gap between the resolution lobbied for by the OIC and the silence of its members over atrocities committed against non-Muslim minorities inside the House of Islam (dar al-Islam) illustrate the perversity of Muslim political-religious leaders.

Similar is the perversity of Muslim organizations in Canada and the West remaining silent in the face of outrageous crimes and defamation of religions by jihadis, while condemning Islamophobia where it is more or less non-existent.

The simple truth is Muslims are among the worst perpetrators of crimes against non-Muslims, and penalties based on obsolete jurisprudence of Shariah implemented in Muslim states violate the UN Charter and the Declaration of Human Rights, to which they are signatories.

A Muslim writing this is very rare indeed:
This silence of Muslim minorities in the West is even more despicable than that of Arab-Muslim governments. It reveals how little they understand, or respect, the political culture of societies where they have made their homes.

All of it is entirely true. We still await those public demonstrations against 'Islamism' by the so-called 'Moderates'. They will never occur. The public condemnations from Moderates are likewise few and far between. Maybe this is because they support Islamic Jihad as pronounced in the 164 Suras of the abominable Koran which advocate war against non-believers? Could it be that we don't hear a damn thing from 'Moderate Muslims' because maybe they are not so moderate, maybe they do hate Jews and Christians; and maybe they feel that the moon idol has promised them that they, in their blood soaked pagan fascism, will indeed conquer and rule the world?

Mansur's article is precisely accurate. Muslims by their very silence are supporting 'radical Islamism'. But the issue goes further. The Koran and the entire corpus of Islamic theology and history is immoderate. And anyone who believes in the Koran or Islamic liturgy cannot by definition, be a moderate.