Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Suffering through the Koran, Sura 60 'The Woman to be examined'.

Examined for fealty and blind obedience to the cult. Free will you say?

by Ferdinand III


A religion by definition must express a regard for free will and rationality. Denying either means that the theocracy is a political movement, not a spiritual enterprise. In reading Sura 60, about a 'Woman to be examined' [for purity, chastity and obeisance to the Allah idol and her rejection of Infidels]; I decided to count the number of lines which clearly and unequivocally demand free will; and rational discourse. I came up with 0.

Any reader of the Koran needs to apply this approach to every chapter or Sura. If you don't find the Golden Rule; free will; rationality and respect for others in the Koran, how can you possibly call Submission a religion? This is derangement and mental incapacity.

What you will find when reading the Koran is what Sura 60 clearly states, that submission, fealty to Allah and devotion to Mohammed are demanded. Free will is never mentioned, not once in this Sura, nor in the entire Koran. In fact the exact opposite of free will is prescribed as 'laws' in Koranic liturgy. In Islam you must submit, unthinkingly, blindingly, ignorantly to the moon theology of Al-Allah, the invention of Mohammed, and conflated improbably and irrationally with the Judeo-Christian God. Submission is thus the key message of the Koran. Is cultish obedience now the 'new' free will ? You will find anti-free will sentiments such as this in Sura 60:

Of no profit to you will be your relatives and your children on the Day of Judgment: He will judge between you: for Allah sees well all that you do.” [v.3]

Allah will honour you with an ascent into heaven upon your death, if you obey his rules, commands and his 'Messenger', the man who went insane at age 40, Mohammed. Submission is the crux of the matter. Nowhere in this Sura are you allowed to ask Mohammed or his invention the unknowable thing Al-Allah, any questions. Simply follow – and shut up. Allah determines all.

It may be that Allah will grant love (and friendship) between you and those whom you (now) hold as enemies. For Allah has power (over all things); and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

The enemies are non-Muslims including Arab pagans, Jews and Christians of course. It is rather odd that the moon idol will determine if peace and friendship will break out between Muslims and their enemies. Why can't humans engineer solutions to their squabbles and differences ? Is it because Allah demands the 'return' of Jews and Christians to Islam and, or, their complete humiliation? When Jews and Christians are weak enough, perhaps Allah will grant peace. Or maybe not. No one knows. The only certainty is that Allah decides all matters, all the time. This is clearly expressed no less than 10 times in this Sura which contains only 13 sentences.

From this premise – submit to Allah and follow his rules – the rest follows. Jews and Christians are misguided and follow the 'wrong path' and must be punished. The Koran laughingly states that all Jewish and Christian prophets were in fact Muslims, even though Islam developed some 2800 years after the time of Abraham and the Hebrew tribe's journey from Sumeria to Israel.

There is for an excellent example (to follow) in Abraham and those with him, when they said to the people: 'We are clear of you and of whatever you worship besides Allah:' [v. 4]

Muslims truly believe that Islam is the only word of some 'God' and ergo, that early Judaism was a cult established to pay homage to Allah. Jews became wayward invoking the wrath of this Allah who demanded that his followers either kill or convert Jews wherever they are to be found. By rewriting history and making all Jewish and Christian leadership originally Islamic, Muslims are justifying the Jihad and their sense of final superiority. Islam rules over Judaism and Christianity because Mohammed and the writers of the Koran said so. This illogical irrationality is a mark of insanity.

But even this one singular remark that maybe Allah might design a peace with the Infidel is countered by the repetitious injunction not to befriend them. Even if Allah decides in his almighty power to initiate a peace [temporary of course] with Jews or Christ-followers, that does mean that you as a Muslim, can engage in friendship. The enmity has to be kept for the future, when the Jihad against non-believers will again commence:

Take not My enemies and yours as friends (or protectors)...And any of you that does this has strayed from the Straight Path.” [v. 1]

O you who believe! Do not turn (for friendship) to people on whom is the Wrath of Allah. Of the Hereafter they are already in despair, just as Unbelievers are in despair about those (buried) in graves.” [v. 13]

Allah's enemies seem rather personal. Is Allah also Mohammed? Why would a moon idol or 'God' have such specific enemies ?

In any event what Allah wants is to ensure that Muslims don't pollute their submission by engaging in friendship with the enemies of the cult. This is yet another example of submission and anti free-will. Muslims are not individuals who can decide for themselves if they hate or accept Jews and Christians. They are being plainly told in this Sura that these people are never to be countenanced as equals. From this ideal flows Islamic supremacism and racism. Obey Allah. That is the important point.

This applies even to women who apparently fled to Mohammed to take up the cause of Allah. These females had to be devout in their worship to the moon idol and were means tested for such. Only females dedicated to Mohammed and his cult of Allah were allowed to join Muslim society. Infidels were not tolerated. Blind fealty to theology is a central animating feature of Islamic doctrine. Free will you say?

O Prophet! When believing women come to you to take the oath of fealty to you, that they will not associate in worship any other thing whatever with Allah.....they they will not disobey you in any just matter, - then you receive their fealty, and pray to Allah for the forgiveness (of their sins):

The whole thrust is unrequited loyalty. Associate only with Allah, obey his Messenger, beg Allah for forgiveness. Why are such commands considered 'religious'? Cults demand unthinking obedience. Religions do not.

[Note: This sura is taken from 'The Holy Quran', translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, reprinted in 1995, Goodword Books. Regarded as one of the best translations from Arabic to English of the Koran.]