Monday, December 20, 2010

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Muslims taking over Paris

This is what the Multi-cult buys you - extermination of your own culture.

by Ferdinand III



This is a great 4 ½ minute video on what is happening not only in Paris, but across Europe. From Malmo, to London, to Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Milano, the Islamic political theology marches on – even in violation of laws, secular norms and citizen outrage. In France it is illegal to publicly pray, block streets without proper permits, hire private law enforcement for public demonstrations, or display 'religion' in the public square in any way whatsoever. But that law apparently does not apply to Islam. If Jews or Christians blocked off a large section of central Paris, hired a private police force and broadcasted on loudspeakers their weekly worship service, the Paris gendarme would disrupt the proceedings in no time; and the leaders would be jailed and prosecuted without mercy.

Not so for Muslims of course. There are at least 8-9 million Muslims in France or some 16% of the total population. The weekly Friday Paris demonstration and 'worship' is simply a very public display of Muslim strength. As the video makes clear many of the prostrated buttocks in the air, come from outside of Paris. It is a demonstration, not a prayer to the moon cult, the rock shrine in Mecca, or to the merger of church and state and its logical derivative, totalitarian pre-modern governance. The Muslims congregate to flout French law, laugh at the cowardly ineptitude of the French Dhimmis and solidify Islam's cultural march through the supposed secular and 'rational' French state. It is a declaration of cultural war. As a Russian writer of a best seller wrote, by 2048 Notre Dame, Our Lady, might well be a Mosque. This will of course titillate the really smart people, cultural Marxists and the sordid refuse who goose-step to Communist and Marxist theology. Maybe the French should lift the ban on this book and read it. It is very much their future.