Sunday, January 23, 2011

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Creeping Sharia and Islamic Fascism.

Selling pre-modern gibberish as 'moral and liberating'.

by Ferdinand III


Part of the Islamic plan to destroy the West is through cultural reduction. Islam cannot win a military confrontation. 300 million Muslim Arabs can't even reduce the tiny statelet of Israel to ruin, though they have waged 6 unprovoked wars against the Zionist enemy. Arabs and Muslims are militarily and economically weak. But they are making great progress at following the cultural Marxist plan [outlined by the Frankfurt school], to implode the West from within. Sharia law is just one facet of that multi-pronged attack, and the Muslims are relentless in their obsession to have Western states incorporate all or part of Sharia law.

Sharia Law is the Islamic 'legal' code. It has no connection however, with Western concepts of legality, justice or morality. But the 'really smart people' in the West, including academics, politicians, and the media, conflate Islamic Sharia regulations with Western ideals of right and wrong; good and bad; and impartial court-based jurisprudence. Saying that Western law is similar to Muslim or Sharia intolerance, would be the same as stating that Nazi Germany just held a different and relatively equal set of legal statutes.

Sharia Law is based on the Koran. The Koran is a political theology masquerading as a religion. Islam is not a faith and it is not a religion. Calling Sharia either a faith-based legal system, or a religious code is pure insanity. There is no separation of church and state; the individual or the community; or natural law rights from Koranic rulings. Sharia law is a totalitarian implementation of the Koran. There is no 'case law', no Scottish school of legal theory; no factually based juridical morality; no appreciation of human worth or differences. It is the uncompromising totality of the Koran foisted on society.

“Law in the eyes of the Muslim scholars was not in fact an independent or empirical study. It was the practical aspect of the religious and social doctrine preached by Mohammed. For the early Muslims there was little or no distinction between 'legal' and 'religious'. In the Koran the two aspects are found side by side, or rather interwoven one with the other, and so likewise in the Hadith.” [Historian H. Gibb writing about Sharia]

Islamic Sharia doctrine is not based on reality, history, common sense, or a legal code per-se. As Gibb states there is no empirical method to Sharia. The Koran is its only concern. If someone breaks a Koranic code that is a sin and illegal. The Koran is not a document premised on rationality, ethics, intelligence or worth. It is a political mandate which includes inter-alia: racism; supremacism; Jew, Christian and infidel hate; a universalist jihadic mission to conquer the world; slave status for women; the institution of non-Muslim slavery; a hatred of anything outside Allah's word; and a desire for complete conformity to Islamic ritualization.

Muslims – even so called 'moderates' – believe that the gibberish in the Koran is the word of some God. There is not much use in arguing with people who believe in such a fantasy. The problem is of course the Koran itself and its raging, seething violence, hate and blood-lust. Codifying the Arab Mein Kampf into Sharia Law and presenting it as a similar to Western conceptions of legality, due process, habeas corpus, and constitutional law is to put it rather meekly – deranged.

The Western multi-culturalists view Sharia as just another expression of non-white culture. For these blind and ignorant relativists, Sharia law is an expression of a 'religion', which originated with 'victimized' non-white peoples, who are now 'fighting' for their 'freedom'. Since the secular Western multi-culturalist is completely ignorant about what is a religion, and the imperialist genocidal history of Islam embedded in the history of its founder, the Koran and 1400 years of bloody jihad; the Koran and its 'legal' embodiment of Sharia are portrayed as peaceful expressions of a peaceful religion. Sharia is nothing more than the social control of Muslims, enacted to ensure complete compliance to the Koran and the ruling Muslim elite who run mosques, 'Islamic charities', and Muslim schools and organizations – all of which purportedly have 'peaceful' purposes.

The problem with multi-cultures is that you have no unifying culture. The history of social development is obvious. Multi-cultures don't survive. They never will. By granting Muslims in Western states another 'right' to evade Western legal traditions and concepts you are only further destroying your own society and culture.

If Sharia in any part is granted, Muslims will be emboldened. They will know that they lie outside of the mainstream Western system and culture in their host countries. Sharia law which will render the Muslim female a permanent slave to the Muslim male, will isolate Islam inside Western states. All of the Koranic traditions enshrined in Sharia intolerance and which are completely and absolutely contrary to Western mores and laws, will be allowed within Western states. You will end up with two legal systems – one for Muslims and one for the rest. This dualistic split in legal personality will cause a lot of societal discord.

One way to destroy a state is to set up parallel systems to take over, or surpass the existing structures. Parallel legal systems were set up by the Nazis of course. This plan has been imitated by Muslim-Nazi groups in Lebanon and elsewhere. The 'normative' state is replaced in part or in total, by the parallel state. Sharia law in the West is part of this plan. Muslims desire the creation of parallel states. Within these systems Islamic intolerance and brutality can be legally sanctioned and followed. Female mutilation; honour killings; slave trading; racism and violence will be sanctified.

Why would any rational, sentient person want this ? Sharia law is an abomination. No public which enjoys the benefits of the modern world should tolerate this intolerance and this establishment of a parallel system of Arab inspired fascism.