Friday, February 4, 2011

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Anti-Semiticism is a hallmark of a deformed and corrupted political-economy.

Until the Arab and Muslim world jettisons Jew-hate it will never be civilized.

by Ferdinand III


When viewing the Arab and Muslim world, one cannot help but notice what the main-stream media, academics and career politicians refuse to accept – that the Muslim and Arab mind, wrought by a different set of historical, cultural and cultish circumstances, has little to nothing in common with the orthodox Western mind and spirit. This is simply a fact. Even though I support the largely secular protests in the Arab world; and truly believe that a new age might dawn in which Arab National Socialism, with its deep anti-semitic and anti-Western racism and roots might finally be mitigated as the social-economic and political poverty of Greater Arabia drives people at least in part, to embrace change and rationality; we should not be under any illusions that the cultural bedrock of the Arab and Muslim world is Islamic racism and supremacism. Jew-hate is a Muslim-Arab DNA construct, well-used since the time of the military Fascist Mohammed and today by oily despots and sinister politicians throughout the Arab world to promote various aspects of militant, autarchic and anarchic Arab National Socialism. A main artifact of the Muslim-Arab cult is the hatred of Jews. We would be fools to think that a few million protestors across a 300 million Arab population indicates an embrace of Victorian-Republican values, and the extirpation of Fascistic, pagan governance. Indeed in one poll I read, more than 85% of the Egyptian adult population believes that Islamic law is a positive factor in political governance including the use of Sharia Law and the stoning of women for example. This is pagan, uncivilized and moronic. What Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia and the rest of the Arab world needs is a lot less Sharia and a lot more division of powers and the separation of church from the state.

What is certain is that whatever, or whomever, replaces the Pharoah Mubarak whose time is finished, the racist and quite profoundly barbaric theology of hating Jews and Israel will still be manifest throughout Egyptian society, mentality and polity. This deranged feature of primitive animalist Jew-hate should make it perfectly clear that Egypt is an immature state, a deeply uneducated society and one still beholden to the rituals, dogma and racist nonsense of the Koran, Islam, and Arab culture. Quite simply it is the culture that needs to be changed not the regime. Perhaps a new regime which is sufficiently secular, intelligent, rational and integrated with world trading and political patterns, can effect a change in this culture which will over time minimize the sickness of Muslim and Arab hatred of the Jew. Than again, a new regime might simply use this latent, violent, irrational and perverted racism to galvanize support, gain control, and perhaps even begin the planning of the next Arab war upon the Jewish state. I would put my money on the latter, not the former. This is why US attitudes and actions are so important. Only the Americans have the political, military and economic clout to force through a transition to a secular-centrist regime, and one which will protect the rights of Christians within Egypt and begin the long, torturous road to pluralism, which might over a number of generations begin the sea-change in attitudes towards Israel and Jews in general, which must be a priority for any Arab country to re-enter the rational, modern world. To simplify, if you hate Jews you are sick.

Caroline Glick in the J-Post is a great commentator on this Arab and Muslim fixation on demonizing and desiring to kill and eliminate the Jew. She is certainly right about the extent of the barbarous animus that possesses Islamic and Arab society in their virulent Jew hate:

Israelis are indifferent because we realize that whether under authoritarian rule or democracy, anti-Semitism is the unifying sentiment of the Arab world. Fractured along socioeconomic, tribal, religious, political, ethnic and other lines, the glue that binds Arab societies is hatred of Jews.

A Pew Research Center opinion survey of Arab attitudes towards Jews from June 2009 makes this clear. Ninety-five percent of Egyptians, 97% of Jordanians and Palestinians and 98% of Lebanese expressed unfavorable opinions of Jews. Threequarters of Turks, Pakistanis and Indonesians also expressed hostile views of Jews.

Throughout the Arab and Muslim world, genocidal anti-Semitic propaganda is all-pervasive. And as Prof. Robert Wistrich has written, “The ubiquity of the hate and prejudice exemplified by this hard-core anti-Semitism undoubtedly exceeds the demonization of earlier historical periods – whether the Christian Middle Ages, the Spanish Inquisition, the Dreyfus Affair in France, or the Judeophobia of Tsarist Russia. The only comparable example would be that of Nazi Germany in which we can also speak of an ‘eliminationist anti- Semitism’ of genocidal dimensions, which ultimately culminated in the Holocaust.”

The allusions to a Nazified state within the Arab world are valid. Arab National Socialism was infused with Nazi ideals. The Arabs were of course allies of Hitler. Mein Kampf is a raging best-seller with Greater Arabia. Muslim organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, its spawn Hamas, Hizbollah and Palestinian Jihad, openly and enthusiastically endorse a genocide against Israel and Jews. Few Jews remain anywhere in the Arab world. There were millions of Jews scattered around North Africa, Iraq and Iran in 1940. Today none exist in Iraq and a pitiful few thousand in Tunisia. If Israel did not exist many of those who fled to the safety of its borders since 1945 would have died.

The Arab and Muslim lust to hate Jews is well documented. Two well known Euro-skeptics of the 'Islam- is-Peace-and-Love' cult; are Leon de Winter, a Dutch writer and polemicist and Giuli Meotti an Italian journalist. Both have written extensively about the mental aberration, including Jew hate; which informs both Islam and its Leftist supporters. That is one reason amongst many that the Marxist pop-culture is so fond of Islam. They both portray the Jew as nefarious, superior, all-powerful; a communal movement dedicated to world domination. It is a racism which is deeply embedded in the Arab consciousness or as some would prefer to call them, 'the Palestinians' [a mythical state and people of course]. De Winter recently wrote an op-ed on Meotti's latest book, 'A New Shoah', which details the unknown stories of the Israeli and Jew dead, murdered in 62 years of Arab and Muslim war against Israel. Marxists and Muslims should probably read it. [excerpted, emphasis and comments are mine]

"A New Shoah: The Untold Story of Israel's Victims of Terrorism," ...The book's title is well-chosen. From the very first pages, Mr. Meotti makes clear that he considers Palestinian terrorism and Arab hatred of Israel and the Jews the continuation of Nazi anti-Semitism. He shows that Palestinian and Arab rhetoric is focused on Jews—not just Israelis. The dream of the Islamists is to destroy the Jewish people, not just the sliver of land called Israel.....the underlying emotion is genocidal rage. Mr. Meotti's list of murderous anti-Semitism by Palestinian leaders and media is exhausting. ...

Mr. Meotti's other great achievement is to record the stories of the Jews who died as a result of this hatred and preserve their memories. He recalls victims who were trying to lead an ordinary life in a unique country. They were on their way to work, to the market, to see friends when the murderers crossed their paths, themselves dying in the fires they unleashed.

...Mr. Meotti writes, "more than 150 suicide attacks carried out, plus more than 500 prevented. It's a black hole that in 15 years swallowed up 1,557 people and left 17,000 injured."

[note; The above stats are from 1995 until 2010. From 1980 until 1995 more than 3.000 Jews were murdered in Arab Intifada's – all given impetus by Islamic theology.]

This book doesn't dumb down evil. It doesn't try to understand terrorists as victims of their socio-economic circumstances, doesn't miscategorize them as poor or uneducated (they are often middle class) or driven allegedly to despair by the very same people they murdered. No, in "A New Shoah," the terrorists remain what they are, the executors of a hate-filled religious ideology. This is a truth too many Westerners still don't want to hear.

.....In a Continent stuck in denial about both Palestinian anti-Semitism and Europe's own resurgent Jew-hatred, hidden behind the label of anti-Zionism, Mr. Meotti's hard read is a breath of fresh air.

Mr. de Winter is a Dutch novelist. His latest book is "The Right of Return" (De Bezige Bij, 2008).

Some people do reject the multi-cultural, politically-correct disease of Anti-Semiticism. Many do understand that an ideology which murders, engages in Jihad, is racist and supremacist, and which targets Jews and Christians for extermination is not a 'religion'. A theology which divides the world into 'us' and 'them' and which promotes in its liturgy no less than 165 calls for warring Jihad, by definition rejects an immanent Golden Rule; rationality and Natural Law Rights. This means that we have a politi-cracy, and a cult, not a theology.

There is no doubt that until the Arab and Muslim world jettison their Jew-hate, which means in essence rewriting the Koran, that Arab and Muslim states will always be backwards, spiteful, poor, ignorant and barbaric. That is simply a fact.