Saturday, April 2, 2011

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Islamic imperialism was total, not 'tolerant'

Koranic totalitarianism was and can never be, 'moderate'.

by Ferdinand III

One of the interesting aspects of Arab and Islamic imperialism is the utter destruction visited upon age-old cultures and societies by Muslims. Islamic domination does not fool around. Once the Muslims invade, take over and control the former host society's culture and state are simply in-toto, either eradicated and/or co-opted for the benefit of Muslims. According to modern senstivity this is called crass imperialism, a term which seems only to apply to Europeans, Americans, and Jews. The truism of Arab and Muslim imperialism, and its historical brutality including the slave trading and culling of 10 million White Europeans and 11-15 million Black Africans, is ignored in the media, academia, by 'experts' and of course by the multi-cult appeasers who view an Arabian moon cult as a 'religion'. One can find no other theology in the history of man as intolerant as Islam. None. A simple look at history destroys the myth of Islamic 'tolerance'.

The epileptic, obese, rich and quite insane Mohammed predicted that not only would Constantinople become Islamic, but that both Persia and even Italy would be Islamicized. His prediction is so far valid and in the case of Italy and Rome it might still come true – much to the delirious merriment of the cultural Marxists one assumes. It is clear that Mohammed's injunction that Islam must rule the world inspired the Bedouin. Post the death of Submission's founder, small, mobile and fanatical Arab armies headed towards the two richest states of the day – Christian Byzantium and Sassanid Persia. In fact the first major clash between the Eastern Romans and the Arabs had occurred in 629 AD in northern Arabia three years before Mohammed died - poisoned by one of his own staff. It was a battle won by the Byzantines who did not follow up the victory and march on Mecca to eradicate the moon cult. Needless to say this was a tragic mistake. Islam could and should have been strangled in its cradle.

In 632 AD the Arabs began their assault on Persian territory. Sassanid Persia in the 7th century AD was smashed in short order by the Arab armies motivated by gold, women, property and Allah. Within a century nothing remained of the 2.000 year old Sassanid culture, premised on Zorastrianism, Perse and Mede historical legacy, and the glories of what was once the great yet despotic and Orientalized kingdoms of Cyrus, Darius, Xerxes and their progeny of Sassanid Kings. For centuries Persia had been the world's superpower. Some of its artifacts including engineering and writing were of the highest quality and ingenuity. Yet within a single generation this 2.000 year old imperial grandeur was utterly effaced by the Arabs and Muslims. Muslim Iran today has nothing in common with its previous culture and artifacts of spiritual, economic, social and imperialist history. Persia or Iran, is simply today a colony of Greater Arabia Koranic imperialism.

Christian Byzantium suffered a similar but more prolonged fate. Byzantine Levant, Syria and Egypt were quickly conquered by the Arabs within a decade from 636 AD to 645 AD. Constantinople finally succumbed some 800 years later, to Islamicized Turks in 1453 AD. But the rapid rate of destruction enacted by the Muslims upon the Near East is the telling point. Byzantinian culture, religious worship, architecture and history was either annihilated, suppressed or forced into second class slave status. Economic trade which was open and complex under the Byzantine empire was either disrupted or ended. Trade and economic stagnation further ossified Byzantine's political and cultural structures and weakened its military. It is a testimony to Greek and Roman culture and perseverance that it lasted 800 years after Persia fell.

As Islam spread the entire edifice of Greek and Roman history, a project which spanned from Alexander's Seleucid society to the Eastern Roman empire or 1000 years, was totally effaced. Muslims destroyed churches, or co-opted them into mosques and Islamic centers. Muslim dominated society was hierarchical. The 'dhimmis' or second class Jewish and Christian slaves had to pay all the taxes, undergo social humiliations and were routinely attacked, slaughtered enslaved or exiled depending on the whims of the local Muslim ruler. In effect Jewish, Christian, Greek and Roman society ceased to exist after the Arabs humiliated the Christian armies over a series of desultory battles lasting little more than a mere decade across the Levant and Syria.

Similar experiences and cultural destruction were visited upon the Berbers and Christians in North and East Africa; the Jews and Christians in Spain and the Balkans, the Buddhists and Hindus in a wide arc stretching from Afghanistan through to southern India, and even the Chinese and South-East Asians in regions where Muslims and Arabs came to dominate and still do today.

Integration and tolerance are anathema to Islam and the Mohammedan cult. Muslims or at least the true Muslim, one who seeks to imitate Mohammed [the most perfect of men], seek to conquer, to control, to convert and if necessary to kill and eradicate the Kufar and Unbeliever. Mohammedanism is Islam. The Muslim must say each day that he prostrates himself to Allah and follows Allah's messenger Mohammed. The Muslim daily prayer also curses Jews and Christians. Logically we therefore state that Islam is ultimately the cult of Mohammed. If Mohammed murdered his enemies, had sex-slaves, raped, slave-traded, was a racist, killed Jews and Christians, and expanded the cult of submission through war and in his own words through 'terror', why shouldn't the pious Muslim do likewise? The history of Islam's spread is instructive. It was violent, bloody and fascistic. At least accepting that fact makes discussing the true nature of what we are dealing with a lot more intelligent and useful.