Thursday, May 5, 2011

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Suffering through the Koran, Sura 83, 'The Dealers in Fraud'.

The Jews and Christians of course.

by Ferdinand III


Another Koranic chapter engaged in supremacist and Manichean analysis. Muslims are good and blessed. Non-Muslims are evil and cursed. That is simply summary is the whole theme of the Koran. The Muslims will 'win' and achieve the bounties of an eternal paradise. Non-Muslims will be killed, tortured and disgraced. In Chapter 83, we learn that the 'Dealers in Fraud', the Jews and Christians will suffer a 'grievous penalty' for not following the cult of Mohammed and his invention the El-Lah thing:

Woe to those who deal in fraud...Do they not think that they will be raised again (called to account)? ” [83:1,4]

Fraud in the Koran simply means rejecting the El-Lah or Al-ilah cult. Simple. This is the vaunted 'ethics' and 'sophisticated' theology of the Bedouin. Follow my tribe's diktats and my tribe's irrationality and you will be left alone. Oppose us and you will die.

Truly the Righteous will be in Bliss: On Thrones (of Dignity) they will command a sight (of all things):....Those in sin used to laugh at those who believed...But on this day the Believers will laugh at the Unbelievers.” [83:22, 23, 29, 34]

Fraud in the Koran has nothing whatsoever to do with the English meaning of that word. In English fraud can be objectively assessed, in the Koran it is not objective, but subjective:

noun 1. deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.

In the handbook of Mohammed's imperialism, named Recital, fraud means simply rejecting the Al-Lah cult. The entire Koran supports this supposition. There is no Golden Rule in the Koran, nor an immanent tolerance towards the 'Other'. Quite the opposite of course. A 'fraud' references anyone who dares to even question the revelations of the military-leader, murderer, and sex-slave owner Mohammed. There is no rational objection to this fact.

In European languages the use of fraud is not related to religiosity. A church-going man might be a 'fraud'; a priest can engage in 'fraudulent' behaviour, and a Christian act or tenet, might be a 'fraud'. But nowhere in Judeo-Christian culture are non-believers called 'frauds'. Not so with the Muslim cult. All Un-Believers are frauds:

Will not the Unbelievers have been paid back for what they did?” [83:36]

What did the Unbelievers do exactly? They rejected the Al-Lah thing. Tsk tsk.

Woe, that Day, to those that deny-...When Our signs are rehearsed to him, he says, 'Tales of the Ancients!” [83:10, 13]

The Jews and Christians of the Arabian peninsula rightly rejected Mohammed as a prophet. Mohammed's mixed up ideas about Christianity are displayed in the Koran and Hadiths. In fact the corruption of the Old and New Testaments is so obvious and so awful, that it is quite clear that Mohammed was likely illiterate and untutored. No wonder most Jews and Christians in Arabia thought he was both insane and stupid. This rejection fed Mohammed's hatred of both groups and led directly to the use of war, murder, pillage and slavery to eradicate their presence in the peninsula.

Thus with certainty we can say that rejecting Mohammed made the Jews and Christians wicked and a collective 'fraud', for they have forsaken the 'Allah' thing and its commands [or those of Mohammed], and gone down their own 'path' or Sharia. For this 'sin' they must be punished:

Nay! Surely the record of the wicked is (preserved) in Sijjin?” [83:8]

Wicked and evil in the Koran are only applicable to those who do not follow Mohammed. Thus Osama Bin Laden, mass murdering Jihadist-Fascist is a 'good' person, not a fraud. OBL will enjoy the virgins, wine and water of the Muslim paradise. A good Jew on the other hand, one who is hospitable, charitable, and tolerant towards Jews and non-Jews alike will roast in Hell. His 'crime' or 'fraud'? He did not follow Mohammed, OBL, and the Koran and for that rejection.....:

Further they will enter the Fire of Hell.” [83:16]

Dichotomous. Manichean. The world of 'us' versus 'them'. This is the signal theme of the Koran. It is unfathomable that anyone reading this disjointed, hysterical, poorly written and frankly racist book could consider any part of it to be a theology of reason, ethics and morality. It is the opposite.

[Note: This sura is taken from 'The Holy Quran', translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, reprinted in 1995, Goodword Books. Regarded as one of the best translations from Arabic to English of the Koran.]