Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Zalimun; the division of the world between the 'just' and 'unjust'

Kufars are the wrong-doers of course.

by Ferdinand III

As part of a research project and will all due credit to various Kufars who have contributed, we can start to post some information on the Koran and Islamic theology and its underlying tenets grouped by area. This is important for people to understand, especially non-Muslims, or even Muslims who don't know much about Islam which is my view constitutes a majority of Muslims. The research project takes Islamic theology including the Hadiths, Koran and Sira at face value. It does not parse the words and pretend that the 200 odd verses advocating war, jihad and the extermination, or at the very least the humiliation, of non-Muslims actually means peace, love, harmony or other PhD inspired dreams. Islam is what it is. This does not mean [as if we really need to say this, but I guess we must in our PC Marxist world...], that all Muslims all the time practice Koranic intolerance, or that a majority are even aware of the theological supremacism, history, actions and conduct of Islam, its founder, and the foundational texts sired by Mohammed. Many 'moderate' Muslims might be as pious as the supposed Christian who attends church once a year and looks no deeper into his faith than to celebrate its festivals and rituals. But so what. The Koran and Islam are entirely unique in the theology of world history for their obvious, direct, shameless and shrill will to power, and demands that Islam dominate the world. Nothing like it has ever existed in a format of 'faith'. Islam is of course a cult, but for many reasons we in the West portray it as a religion. This is nonsense.

An important aspect of the Koran and Muslim theology is something called Zalimun. This term which can be spelled in different ways including Zalimeen, Zalimin, or Zalimoon [from Dhaalimoon], means the 'unjust'. Unjust in the Koran is not a matter of moral ethics. It is the division between the 'just' or Muslim, and the rest named the 'unjust'. It is a black and white bifurcation of the world. The non-Muslims or wrong-doers must be punished or killed. Sura 9:29-33 makes it clear that all Jews and Christians must be yoked under Muslim tutelage. They are in essence Muslim slaves who simply will not submit to the Allah-thing.

“Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger, and follow not the Religion of Truth, until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.....He it is Who hath sent His messenger with the guidance and the Religion of Truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religion, however much the idolaters may be averse. ”

What constitutes a 'wrong-doer' in Koranic and Islamic theology? The following applies:

-Jews. [Koran 2:140, 3:93-94, 11:18, 21:29, 59:17....]

-Anyone who tells lies about the Allah-thing, that he is for instance a pre-Mohammedan male moon idol with 3 Goddesses as his wives, and daughters as well. [3:94, 6:21, 6:93, 6:144, 11:18...]

-All non-Muslims or Unbelievers. [2:254, 2:258, 3:57, 3:128...]

-Polytheists or Mushrikun. [2:140, 3:151, 5:72, 6:20, 6:56, 10:106..]

-'Moderate' or non-bellicose Muslims. [9:47, 24:50, 59:17..]

-Any friends of the zalimun. [6:129, 45:19]

-All Muslim sinners including apostates. [43:74, 68:29, 9:23]

This is pretty comprehensive list. Jews, the arch enemies of Muslims are obvious candidates as zalimun. Islam believes that all people are born Muslim, and that the Jewish patriarchs such as Moses were in fact Moslem prophets. The Jews rejected this true God or Allah, and it's prophets by engaging in Yahweh worship. For Muslims the Jewish worship of another Godhead is a major sin and could be described as a paganism. The same is true of Christians. Early Muslim leaders and theologians including Mohammed, described the Christians as pagans because they worshipped a Trinity of the son, the Father and the Holy spirit. Pagans are zalimun of course as are Muslims who are not Jihadic, pious or firm enough with the enemies of Islam.

It is vital to note this about the Koran. It rewards Muslims and punishes or kills the rest. Thus Muslims will lie [Taqqiya], and state that zalimun are simple those who 'do wrong'. This is not true. The only objective test in Koranic theology that one must pass to be considered 'good', is whether or not you follow the Allah-thing, his or its mouthpiece Mohammed, and whether you base your life around Koranic canons and rituals. Even Muslims have to admit this. As one Islamic website named 'Living Islam', states in presenting what is good in Islamic exegesis:

  1. ) Some quranic explanations

  2. 'Good works' sâlihât are those done only for the Divine Presence or the Countenance of Allah li-wajhi-LLahi.

  3. As described in the Convenant with the people of old (2-83) it includes:

a.) To worship none save Allah,
b.) to be good to parents and, to near kinsmen and to the orphans,
c.) to speak kindly (hasan - good) to everyone,
d.) to perform the daily prayers,
e.) to give the poor-due (zakât - alms)

  1. What may at first seem remarcable [sic] is that the Prophets, may Allah grant them peace, did not pray to be 'made righteous' or somehow be 'transformed' spiritually, but they all prayed to be among the righteous as-sâlihûn. So did Sulaimân 27-19, or Yusuf 12-101, may Allah grant them peace, and therefore Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah
    So success for us as believers lies in being brought together 5-84 with the righteous ones as-sâlihûn, in a time, when the evil of people is abundant.

This is standard Muslim theology. Good works are simply those deeds which conform to Mohammed's and Allah's expectations. If you do something that is not pleasing to either of these two actors that is considered bad, evil, or an action against the cult. Zalimun are:

[9.] The Wrong-doers

1.) Root zlm: original meaning: putting in a wrong place
az-zâlimûn: the wrong-doers, evil-doers, those who transgress the proper limit (as in sura al baqara 2-229) and encroach upon the right of some other people.

2. ) Some quranic definitions
The wrong-doers are:
a.) Those who transgress Allah's limits (2-229)
b.) Those who invent a lie and attribute it to Allah (3-94)
c.) Those who are disbelievers (2-254)
d.) Those who take the disbelievers for friends (9-23)
e.) Those who judge by other than the law (sharî`ah) of Allah (5-45)
3.) Those who wrong themselves, their own souls (2-231)

Basically the same list as I presented above using some, not all, of the Koranic verses as proof.

This important categorization of Zalimun versus the pious Muslim is important. It has to have an impact on the way that many Muslims view the world. If they truly believe that this Allah-thing, this dialectical force which is never defined and which use to denote a male moon deity, operates through Mohammed and the Koran and demands that the entire world conform to its doctrine, than we have a vast, almost insoluble problem. Zalimun would animate racism, supremacism, violence and intolerance would it not? And isn't that what we see every day across and inside Islam's bloody borders? Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, impious Muslims, secular Muslims, pagans, animists....all being harassed, killed, marginalized, demonized, and attacked by those who believe in Zalimun as decreed by Mohammed.