Sunday, September 11, 2011

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9-11 Ten years later on and what have we learned?

Not a lot it appears.

by Ferdinand III


10 years on and what exactly have we remembered and learned? Thousands of media op-eds, newscasts, and commentary have been issued around 9-11. Few if any have bothered to discuss the real issue at hand. We are engaged in a fight with a global Jihadic movement, akin ideologically to the universal pretensions shared by the twin bastards of Marxism, National Socialism and Russian Communism. Like Islam both movements were cults demanding blindness, intensity, devotion, certainty of victory and a hatred of the 'other'. They were totalitarian built around 'great men' like Muhammad, with Hitler and Lenin deified and venerated for having divine inspiration. Both were lauded for fighting for the 'little guy', an oft-used political hypocrisy and aphorism which in reality, is the opposite of the truth. Like Islam, both Nazism and Communism were universalist dialecticals – it was inevitable that they would 'win' and defeat their divinely-hated opponents. Devout Moslems truly believe that the Babylonian moon deity Hub'Allah, has chosen them to rule the earth in his or its name, through the 'great man' Muhammad, the most important law-giver in human history. At times fictional insanity cannot match factual reality.

10 years later on and what have we learned? According to the media and most academics it is just 'Islamists' were are fighting, as if one group of backwards vicious Moslems got the whole idea of Muhammad's enterprise wrong. Sometimes the Islamists are called militants, terrorists, or disaffected youth. They are never connected to Moslem theology. 10.000 dead a year world-wide from Moslem attacks and over 17.000 attacks since 9-11, and yet the big brains cannot connect Islam with Moslems with violent death-loving Jihad.

10 years later on and what have we learned? We are constantly told that Islam is a religion. It is of course a cult, which is very much different than a religion. Few of the big brains who opine that Islam is sweet honey have bothered to read the Koran, the Sira or the Hadiths. For those of us who have we can state without any misrepresentation whatsoever, that Islam is racist, supremacist and fascist in the real definition of that abused word which means the destruction of the individual and the supremacy of the communal managed by a cult and its small coterie of spiritual and political leaders. Fasces were a bundle of sticks wrapped around an axe. The state uber alles. The individual worth nothing. That is the pithy definition of Islam.

10 years later on and what have we learned ? The poverty of Arab and Moslem states is blamed on the West, 'capitalism' [which is non-existent in its pure form], trade and globalisation. The Jews in tiny Israel, surrounded by 300 million hostile Moslems are singled out as the 'root cause' of massive Moslem terror, jihad and societal poverty. Arabs squatting in former Jewish territory [see 980 BC] are now called Palestinians and survive on both international welfare and Jewish aid. Their stated goal is another holocaust. Hamas and Hizbollah are feted as freedom-fighting organizations, deeply devoted to harmony and multi-culturalism.

10 years later on and what have we learned? Massive Moslem immigration to Europe and North America continues unabated. Wilders' Freedom Party in Holland might be the first group to force a national government to successfully neuter Moslem immigration into a Western state. For the rest of Western nations the cry is more Moslems, more cultural interaction, more bliss, more wonderment. Jihadic columns abound in Western states capering on campuses, in politics and in even the 17 or more armed camps one finds strung out in Moslem only compounds stretching from Virginia to southern Ontario in which Moslems are trained in terrorism.

10 years later on and what have we learned? That all Moslems are moderates. That everyone knows – with tears in his or her eyes – of their pet favorite Moslem who is the greatest person on earth; the kindest, the smartest, the best dressed, the most prolific. From this singular example all Moslems and all of Islam in toto, is cleansed and declared holy and pure. The specific conflated to the general. A totalitarian theology in which pre-7th century rituals, posturings, and even prayers are still performed to the idol Hub'Al, is deemed modern, sensible, and religious. Veneration of a book in which 35% is anti-semitic, 10 % espouses the destruction of non-Moslems in hell-fire and a further 15 % advocates violence against non-Moslems is represented as a religious book full of charity, tolerance and the Golden Rule.

10 years later on and what have we learned? Arabs and Moslems rise up in North Africa and we instantly accord them hero status and decide that they do really want modernity and democracy – a word which can mean many things and oftentimes means nothing. We transpose our own best wishes onto others and decide for them, what they think and believe. We ignore 1400 years of history and rational-destroying culture and anti-cognitive processes. We immediately leap to the conclusion that toppling the tyrant in Egypt will force that state to resemble Mexi-fornia, not Somalia.

10 years later on and it seems we have not learned that much about Islam, the Koran, the history of Muhammad, the imperialist spread of jihadic Muhammadanism, the 300 million dead over 1400 years, and the 10.000 killed annually in the new century by oil-funded Moslem depredation. Moslems in Turkey and elsewhere openly proclaim the intention of a new Caliphate. Moslems in India brag about wiping out the Hindus – after raping and converting their women. Jews are targeted for another holocaust. Iran readies a nuclear weapon. Christians were crucified by Moslems in the Ivory Coast in July 2011. Russia is attacked monthly by rampant 'jihadists'. 5th column groups are busy in the US and Europe, usually with taxpayer money, in devising various means to bring down their host governments. There has not been one single Moslem demonstration anywhere in the Western world, ever, against Moslem racism, supremacism, Jew-hate, female mutilation, dis-honor killings, jihad attacks, and intolerance. Not one. And that includes the days following 9-11.

10 years later on and what have we learned? In our culture, in our cities, in our immigration systems, in our schools, in our politics - not a hell of a lot.