Monday, March 19, 2012

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Holy Koran! Sura 75 'The Resurrection'

Infidelophobia. Eradicating the apes and pigs.

by Ferdinand III

Running totals from Sura 2 to 75:

Total number of verses from Sura 2 to 75: 5404

Total number of verses in 2-75, which preach violence against non-Moslems1397

Violent verses as a % of total from Sura 2 to 75: 26 %

Sura 2 to 75 as a % of the 6346 verses in the Koran: 85%

The anti-humanist element of the Koran is inter-alia, one of its most revolting themes. Humans in-toto are regularly denounced in the Koran, and degraded. Since the Al-Lah controls 'everything' including the creation of reality every second, the human per-force means nothing, represents nothing and is worth nothing. This makes it much easier to kill those who dare not to follow the cult of Muhammad:

...The hatred of man and of the human is a basis of all Koranic and Islamic teaching. Islam never elevates the person. It threatens them with violence and eternal hell-fire. The Muslim program is entirely negative. In 'The Resurrection' for instance, the Unbelievers are going to be tortured and have their bodies ripped apart because they did not follow the rituals prescribed by the Meccan moon idol cult. Degrading men in the eyes of some idol, makes it far easier to kill them in this world:

Does Man think that he will be left uncontrolled (without purpose)? Was he not a drop of sperm emitted (in lowly form)? Then he became a leech-like clot; then (Allah) made and fashioned (him) in due proportion.”[75:36-8]

Men must be controlled. They are sperm clots not thinking, rational, moral, and productive creatures touched by a divine genius...Humans are low life forms, almost hated by Allah:

Does man think that We cannot assemble his bones: Nay, We are able to put together in perfect order the very tips of his fingers...He questions 'When is the Day of Resurrection?'....Before your Lord (alone) that Day will be he place of rest. That Day Man will be told (all) that he put forward, and all that he put back. Nay, man will be evidence against himself.” [75:3-14]”

Not much love, tolerance and compassion from the Al-Lah moon deity to the average person. Your own existence is proof of your criminality according to 75:14. Maybe the Moslems should join forces with the cult of Gaia.

The perpetual rage of this Al-Lah idol is boundless. In this Sura of 40 verses only 12 preach hate speech against the Infidel ape and pig. Infidelophobia. On the Day of Judgement, the Islamic moon deity will punish those with the sad faces who know they are doomed, because they rejected Muhammad's cult. The hate speech verses are 24-29, and 31-36. Examples include:

075:024 URL And some faces, that Day, will be Basirah (dark, gloomy, frowning, and sad),

075:031 URL So he (the disbeliever) neither believed (in this Qur'an, in the Message of Muhammad SAW) nor prayed!

075:032 URL But on the contrary, he belied (this Qur'an and the Message of Muhammad SAW) and turned away!

075:033 URL Then he walked in full pride to his family admiring himself!

075:034URL Woe to you [O man (disbeliever)]! And then (again) woe to you!

075:036URL Does man think that he will be left Suda [neglected without being punished or rewarded for the obligatory dutiesenjoined by his Lord (Allah) on him]?

Obligatory duties, meaning rituals and acts of prostration and prayer to the unknowable Al-Lah, must be followed. Anyone who does not do this is doomed, 'admiring himself' too much, so full of pride, ignorant of his impending doom, but concerned, gloomy and frightened when confronted by the Day of Judgement. On that date he will receive his just punishment and his 'woe' for rejecting the 'truth' of Muhammad's 'warning'.

Again, no ethical statements, nothing about free-will, gratitude, immanent tolerance or the Golden Rule and certainly no expressions about the necessity of rationality and intelligence. Just blind obedience. Those who are this Al-Lah's slaves are rewarded. Those who reject Muhammad's totalitarianism are crushed in torment.

This is a religion?