Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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Review 2: Diane Moczar, Islam at the Gates, How Christendom defeated the Ottoman Turks

Oriental brutality in the name of Muhammad's moon idol.

by Ferdinand III

The underlying theological intolerance of Islam to the Medieval Christian world is clear to any who investigate the rise of Islam, the perpetual Jihad against the non-Moslem Mediterranean world; and the unbelievable devastation wrought on humans and civil society, by the followers of the Muhammad cult. Moczar's book 'Islam at the Gates', reviewed in part here, is a beautiful primer on just how savage the Moslem irruption into the former Romanized Mediterranean basin was. She deals with the Ottomans and their vast desiccation of eastern and southern Europe. In today's pro-Islam cultural climate, the eradication of both humans and European civilization by the Oriental Ottomans is deemed 'civilization'.

The Moslem 'tolerance' of Christianity was on full display for some 500 years:

The Muslims stabbed holy pictures, spit on images, and otherwise defiled sacred things. A contemporary Italian poet wrote of 'the outrage done to God...the crucifixes and the images of the saints, of God, of the Madonna and the Holy Sacrament,' describing how the holy things were mocked, pierced with arrows, thrown to the ground, and stabbed with daggers before being burned.” [p. 147]

Civilization around the Mediterranean destroyed:

For the people of the European coasts and islands, the material damage done by the pirates was grim enough. Coastal merchants were ruined, shipping stagnated, settlements were depopulated and everything in them hopelessly damaged.” [p. 146]

Greece ruined:

In 1446, an Ottoman force attacked the northwest part of the Morea, while another pushed south. The devastation was cruel: sources speak of sixty thousand people enslaved, in addition to the large numbers massacred, looted and ruined cities, and ravaged land.” [p. 85]

and “1489...Lepanto became Turkish, and would become one of the main centers of the Ottoman slave trade. The Turks then went on to wreak havoc on the Venetian territories of the Dalmatian coast, even penetrating into northern Italy not far from the Republic itself.” [p. 128]

Serbia and the Balkans wiped out:

In 1453, Serbs were required by the Ottomans to support the assault on Constantinople. They were rewarded for this the following year....when the Turkish army began to raid their country. In 1455, a major Ottoman assault began against Serbia...Large numbers of captives were taken back to Ottoman Constantinople as part of the Turkish effort to repopulate the devastated and largely abandoned city.” [p. 93] and

The physical damage done to the Balkan states by the Ottomans was tremendous. The Turks destroyed towns, fortresses, defensive walls, farmhouses, and crops. They enslaved untold numbers of captives, murdered countless others – both combatants and civilians – and looted everywhere they went. They took livestock for their own use and to prevent its use by the conquered population....Once subdued, Christians who refused to apostatize were subject to the usual poll tax and the various means used by the Turks to reinforce the humiliation of the dhimmi population...” [p. 160]

Albania depopulated:

...It was 1477 before the Turks again marched on Albania....Kroja fell; the Turks killed all the males within the city and enslaved the women. Venetian towns fell, and the cathedral of Alessio became a mosque....Many Albanians had embraced Islam, for some of the same reasons as the Bosnians. Lack of Christian institutions and clergy in the hinterland, especially in the north, had left people vulnerable to Moslem proselytism.” [p. 112]

Italy attacked:

1480...Otranto....Of the some 22,000 inhabitants, 12,000 died, often hideously tortured in the Ottoman way, and most of the rest enslaved.” [p. 120]

The taking of Rhodes in 1522 and the breaking of the surrender treaty by the Turks as they massacred unarmed Christians:

Without weapons, the populace was at their mercy: beaten, raped, tortured to reveal supposed hidden treasure, even the hospital patients manhandled. Churches were defiled and relics destroyed, with even the graves of the grand masters desecrated in the hunt for treasure.” [p. 140]

Moslem corsairs and slave traders in North Africa:

A recent historian of the subject has calculated that between 1530 – about when Barbarossa hit his stride – and 1780, the Barbary Muslims enslaved at least a million, possibly as many as a million and a quarter, European Christians....and that is leaving out vast numbers of Christians enslaved throughout the former Byzantine Empire as well as the Asian territories taken over by the Ottomans.” [p. 143]

The above is but a tithe of what Moczar covers. The Moslem Ottomans, fired by Jihad, impelled forward by the theology of the Meccan moon idol 'The Lord' or Al-Lah; fuelled by their founder's fanatical devotion to sex slavery, racism, supremacism and hatred of Christianity spread their locust storm of uncivilized Oriental barbarity over a wide swathe of Eastern and Southern Europe. Today post-modern Marxists and self-proclaimed geniuses declare that Islam was spread by peace and was in itself, the epitome of civilization. These Western ignoramuses are as useless and as mindless as the idiots who supported National Socialism and Communism. They should read this book to educate themselves on just how barbaric a theology Islam truly is. For the Turk was driven forward by one main idea: conquering the world for 'Al Lah'.