Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Moslem Fascism - akin to other modern varieties of the same.

No free-will, no individuality, no tolerance.

by Ferdinand III



Islam and Fascism


Adapted with permission from Link

Islam and its followers conform in every way to the strict description of ‘Fascist’. Modern Fascists such as the Nazis, Mussolini's Black Shirts, or Russian National Socialist-Communists were committed to the creation of a national totalitarian community defined by dialectical inevitability [scientism], culture, ancestry and ideology; maintained by constant indoctrination, brain-washing, myths, lies, and violence. For Muslims, although nations exist, there is a supranational identity that is more important, the ‘Umma’, the community of all Muslims world-wide, which is also totalitarian, defined by culture and ideology and maintained by indoctrination, dialectical inevitability [the will of the Allah thing], the discipline of adhering to rituals and celebrations of the ideology-cum-religion and readiness and fitness for war, both physical and ideological. Islam is in the main very akin to the bastard fascisms spawned by the empty banal ideology of Marx.

Fascists demonize the 'other'. Outside influences and opponents to their ideology are such a threat that Fascists truly believe in murdering and enslaving their opponents. In the case of Islamic Fascism the targets are the Jews, Christians, Apostates, Homosexuals and Infidels at large. Muslims have hated and oppressed these 'inferiors' for 1400 years — there are few Jews now in any Muslim country (though plenty of Muslims in Israel) — and have persecuted the Christians to such an extent that they have mostly fled from Muslim countries in the recent past, and continue to flee now as the Arab Winter takes hold across North Africa and the Levant.

In the Ottoman Empire Muslims spat on Jews and Christians, who were also obliged to step off the pavement if meeting a Muslim, were severely punished if their shadow fell on a Muslim and had to pay a heavy ‘infidel’ tax from which all Muslims were exempt. Between 1915 and 1923 the Muslim Turks massacred 1,500,000 Armenian Christians, 750,000 Assyrian Christians and 350,000 Greek Orthodox Christians. To this day it is a crime to mention this fact in Turkey — the very opposite of Germany where the people have admitted their crimes and done what they can to atone for them. The Muslims in Turkey are not only not sorry, they won’t even admit to the genocide they perpetrated. Now our Prime Minister and the EU itself are bending over backwards to let 90 million Turkish Muslims into the EU! How mad is that? Hegel said: “What we learn from history is that no one learns from history”.

Just as the Fascists united the left and the right into one party so the Umma includes all Muslims irrespective of all differences. The Fascists gave power to those they considered to be innately superior — racially and ideologically, thus excluding the Jews, the Slavs and the dissenters. Likewise the Muslims give power to those whom they consider to be ideologically and religiously superior, so the Jews and the Christians (if any) are excluded and followers of other religions and atheists are killed. All ‘infidels’ are considered to be much despised ‘kaffirs’, likened in the Koran to pigs, dogs, cattle and apes. The Nazis compared the Jews to apes in just the same way. Perhaps they took a leaf out of the Muslims’ book. After all, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a close friend of Hitler.

The Fascists promoted political violence and war as a means as a means of extending their rule, ideally over the whole world. Exactly the same as the Muslims have done and are doing now in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Romania, Nigeria and other African countries. We also have the slow erosion of Western democratic civil liberties, free speech, freedom of artistic expression and freedom of scientific enquiry in all matters pertaining to Islam. Soon criticizing a moon cult from Mecca will be declared illegal in many countries. And this is not a dark age ?

The Fascists aimed to organise nations along Fascist principles, in just the same way as the Muslims aim to organise all nations on Muslim principles by imposing sharia law and Muslim rule on subject populations. Neither Fascism nor Islam tolerates liberal democracy. Rule must be exercised by an ideologically impeccable élite. In both systems a supreme leader is dictator — Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Mubarak, Assad, Ahmadinejad the Muslim royal families etc. Their ‘prophet’ is of course the ultimate dictatorial arbiter. In both systems cruel punishments and execution await transgressors of the ideology’s laws. In Fascist Germany it was slave labour, torture, gas injections and shootings. In Fascist Moslem states we see stonings, amputations, crucifixions, canings and beheadings.

The Germany Fascists had Mein Kampf, the Muslims have the Koran and the Hadiths. Neither system permits any kind of dissent. Both aim to control and regulate the economy according to their ideology. Fascism imposed, and Islam imposes, strict censorship of what can be said, written, painted or sculpted. In fact there is no art or music within Islam. These are the artefacts of culture and indeed of civilization. Where is the Moslem Caravaggio or Mozart ?


The profit system is also inimical to both theological constructs. Fascisms deny free-will and indivduality. The person is simply unimportant. The cult supreme. The ethos of such a system denies effort, innovation and intelligence. Why both innovating if the state or the cult will simply usurp your efforts, or perhaps kill you if it disagrees with what you are doing ? Hitler's Germany was bankrupted by 1939 thanks to its autarchy. Formal free-trade and market forces are likewise frowned upon within Moslem states [the elite of course do engage in business and crony-capitalist fraud]. No interest is paid in Muslim banks for instance. Moslem states view Western influences as threatening and unneeded. Most would dearly love to be autarchic and self-sufficient [cue the idiot Gandhi for more information].


Where the Fascists persecuted and killed socialists, communists, Jews, Christians and other dissenters, Slavs and homosexuals; Muslims persecute and kill women, Jews, Christians, dissenters, atheists, apostates and homosexuals. Not much difference there. Violence and murder were and are used by both systems as deterrents, pour encourager les autres. Both share the same concepts of cleansing of their polities and countries of all ‘infidels’ and dissenters and the same aim of world conquest. Fascisms are violent, jihadist, universal and barbarous.


Top picture: Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, meets Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS.