Friday, November 2, 2012

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The cult of Islam - it implodes on analysis and explodes in fury against inquiry.

Kill the Jews on Saturday, and the Christians on Sunday.

by Ferdinand III

In the Koran, Jesus was just a prophet of Allah.....the Koran is contradictory and wrong about Christ, the meaning of the Christian Gospels and the import of the incarnation. In fact the Koran is so illogical, it self-implodes and falsifies itself, with its own words and demands. Just one example amongst many:

Hillary and Barry, electioneering for Muhammad. Never slander the criminal, brigand, hallucinatory, lying, insane, sex-addled, sex-trade slaving, warring fascist Muhammad:

First kill the Jews – on Saturday. Then kill the Christians – on Sunday. The love and tolerance of the Moslem cult. Christians persecuted, killed, raped and exiled within Moslem countries.