Sunday, December 23, 2012

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The Allah thing - aka Muhammad - hates Christians

Koranic supremacism.

by Ferdinand III

The Koran changes dramatically over time. When mad Mohammed was in Mecca trying to sell himself as a prophet in the line of Jewish and Christian tradition he was more accommodating of Christians. In fact much of his monotheistic program was of course stolen from the Jewish and Christian faiths. Once Mohammed was exiled from Mecca by his own tribe the Quraysh finding refuge in Medina, the Koran and Allah the moon guy's 'revelations' suddenly become much darker, more intolerant and violent. Islam becomes a jihadic enterprise with those who rejected the 'prophet' targeted for annihilation, including of course the followers of Christ who would not accept the illiterate Arab politician as the successor to the Jewish rabbi from Nazareth.

The moon deity Al-lah or Allah had a dramatic change of heart regarding the Christians. When Mohammed was learning about monotheism from Nestorian Christians and monks, his or Allah's opinion of Christians was tolerant. This is found in one early Koranic or Meccan verse saying that righteous Christians would go to heaven. Mohammed is even quoted as saying that he was deeply impressed by the piety and good works of monks and monasteries and that such devotion would be rewarded by God. But after he was ostracized from Mecca and had to take up residence in Medina the Koran and Allah abruptly become violent, supremacist and intolerant.

Mohammed's time in Medina lasted 10 years and was spent preparing for war and converting usually by force, the local populations to Islam. The brigands and ruffians who formed the first cohort of Islamic fanatics were little more than accomplished criminals. They extorted either money or subservience from those they encountered. The Koran grows increasingly fascistic and immoderate as Muslim power accumulates and expands.

From 620 to 624 AD, Mohammed led or instructed no less than 80 odd raids on Meccan caravans travelling along the important 'camel' route from Syria to Mecca. After initial defeats the Muslims were successful in illegally and with much blood, appropriating a vast treasure of Meccan goods, slaves, gold and sex chattel concubines. It allowed Mohammed to raise a far larger army which by 630 AD overwhelmed Mecca itself. It also led to the genocide of the 4 main Jewish tribes in Arabia, the deaths of thousands of Jewish men, and the confiscation of their wealth, property and women.

It is rather curious that a man who engaged in such acts is considered a prophet. A prophet of death and devastation perhaps. But it was not just the Jews who were targeted by the terrorist-political leader Mohammed. The Christians, who had refused to follow the illiterate Arab adventurer, and who had in part, fought with the Quraysh against the Muslims were condemned by Allah to suffer torture, death, enslavement and eternal damnation. The moon deity from 624 AD to 630 AD makes this clear in 'revelations' given to Mohammed either through the angel Gabriel, or directly to his supposed chosen messenger:

...monks devour the wealth of mankind wantonly and debar men from the way of Allah...” [9:34]

There will be painful doom to the rich and greedy Christian monks.” [9:34]

Jews and Christians believe in idols and false deities.” [4:51]

Jews and Christians are losers.” [5:53]

Christians are wrong about the Trinity. For that, they will have a painful doom.” [5:57]

Do not take Jews or Christians for friends. If you do, Allah will consider you to be one of them.” [5:51]

Christians and Jews are perverts. Allah himself fights against them.” [9:30]

Jews and Christians are evil transgressors.” [5:59]

Christians and Jews must believe what Allah has revealed to Muhammed; if not, Allah will turn them into apes, as He did to the Sabbath-breakers.” [4:47]

Fight against the Christian and Jews until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low into humiliation.” [9:29]

Mohammed learnt most of his monotheism from Nestorians and monks. Now they were cursed. Having failed to recognize Mohammed to be a prophet, the Christians would be punished and eternally damned. Perverts, losers, apes, greedy, and engaging in false worship, the followers of Christ had to be supplanted by the 'purity' of Islam.

Before he died in 632 AD Mohammed sent emissaries to the Christian princes in Egypt, Byzantium and Ghassanid [an Arab buffer province south of Syria]. He demanded that they convert to Islam, pay a dhimmi ransom or jizyah, or face the wrath of Allah and his faith-inspired Arab armies. The three Christian kings were not amused by the arrogance of Mohammed. They declined to convert and they declined to send Mohammed extortion money. A failed Arab invasion in 630 AD into Syria, only intensified Mohammed's hysterical hatred of Christians and his desire to plunder and destroy their wealth.

On his death bed Mohammed made three wishes. One was that the followers of Islam would obey the caliph or appointed emissary of Allah. A second commanded the Arab Muslims to destroy the Christian Byzantium and the Persian Zoroastrian empires. And a third demanded that, “...the Lord, destroy the Jews and Christians. Let the Lord's anger be kindled against them. Let there remain throughout Arabia no faith except Islam.” [Bukhari 3:39:53]  Christians and Jews were to be exterminated on the orders of the moon guy, Allah.

Apparently this moon deity had little tolerance, flexibility or desire to allow Jews and Christians to co-exist with Muslims. The abject miserable intolerance, codified in the racism, and supremacism of the Koran was made very clear to the Arabs and Muslims. Jews and Christians were inferiors who either had to be enslaved, converted or killed. Jihad and war was mandatory to accede to Mohammed's last three wishes and bring the world under the control of the Meccan moon cult.

Yet we are told by the really smart people that Islam is peace, Islam is inter-faith harmony, and Islam is a glorious testament to civilized behavior. We are constantly reminded that Mohammed was a prophet, a kind, gentle man, who loved children and apparently adored cats. But like Hitler's Mein Kampf, Mohammed and his Koran are little more than expressions of deep insanity, fascism, and psychopathy will little equal in the squalid annals of human depravity.