Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Egypt: Christians persecuted by those ever-tolerant, loving, kind Moslems....

Surely they must know that Islam is all about harmony and multi-cultural respect ?

by Ferdinand III

The Koran preaches that Moslems are superior. So why not rape, humiliate and kill the Kufar apes and pigs ?

Copts in Egypt fleeing the Sharia loving regime. Surely they misunderstand the cult of peace ?

Christians attacked by Moslems in Egypt:

Another example -- Christians tortured, humiliated and murdered in southern Egypt by the loving Moslems after mass.

Coptic girls raped and then forcibly converted to the cult of peace and love. The state of Egypt does not care.

Women are raped, impregnated and converted to the Bronze Age cult. Their children – males hopefully according to Moslems – will of course be Ghazi or warriors for mad Muhammad.