Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Christians attacked, executed and abused by Moslems. But no worries. Islam is peace.

Not only peace - the greatest 'religion' in world history, after say Nazism, or the Hun's Sky God theology.

by Ferdinand III

Walid Shoebat's organization saves a Christian boy from tolerant Moslem Pakistan's blasphemy laws. He was accused of sending texts which denigrated that great man, the mad fascist Muhammad. Imagine if a Christian mob somewhere, surrounded the house of a Moslem family and threatened to burn it with the family inside.....

Moslems execute a Christian mother. Her village unanimously agreed on her execution. One resident said that her death was the happiest moment of his life. The Christian woman 'blasphemed' the great-man, the 'prophet' of doom, war, jihad, rape, plunder and totalitarian control, Muhammad. Famous section 295-C of the Pak's Moslem 'legal code', or blasphemy 'law', mandates death for slandering the 'prophet'.....

British Moslems protest the French 'crusade' in Mali – a military operation that has saved tens of thousands of people from Moslem hell. The crowd is screaming Jihad Now! and demanding a world wide caliphate. Islam will dominate the world they shout.

Taqiyya, or lying to spread Islam. Moslems are great at it, as all totalitarian-fascist theologies. Great tune, and good info on the lies that Moslems tell and Marxist dhimmi-dhummy-reality-tv watching morons believe. Jihad is the 6th pillar and most important aspect of Muhammad's cult.