Thursday, June 18, 2020

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Dhimmitude within the Vatican

Appeasement is a strategy for losers.

by Ferdinand III


If the Catholic Church does not stand up against Islam, it will lose followers. It will also lose civilization. Appeasing the cult of Islam will fail. Accommodating every single made-up Moslem grievance and demand will end in submission. Changing the culture to suit the immoral idea of relativity will result in a crashing destruction.

Pope Frank has made washing the feet of Moslems, including female Moslem prisoners an Eastertide ritual.  In 2019, Moslems murdered and wounded over 500 Christians in Sri Lanka – nary a word from the Pope.  This ignorance is a sad, distorted and even an immoral act of blindness, not of faith.  Thousands of Christians will be martyred this year around the world – mostly killed by Moslems - and the Vatican will say nothing – but the Pope will no doubt be washing Moslem feet next Eastertide.

“The Egyptian-born Allam, who publicly converted in St. Peter’s Basilica on Easter 2008 with the oversight of Pope Benedict XVI himself, renounced his Catholicism (in 2014) because, in his view, the church legitimizes a religion that is “inherently violent” to people of all walks, including fellow Muslims. (source)

Allam was a Moslem. He left the moon-cult after discovering its inherent, ineluctable, racism, intolerance and violence, on obvious display in the cult’s hand books of hate, and 1400 years of Global Jihad.  He is not alone in leaving Pope Frank’s, ‘modernist, leftist, liberal’ Church.  Every week for many Catholics who adhere to the traditions of the Faith and understand quite plainly that Muhammadanism is openly Christophobic, it becomes more difficult and tenuous to support such a mis-shapened and dangerous view of the Meccan cult.

I am convinced,” Allam stated, “that Islam is an ideology inherently violent as it has been historically conflictual inside and warlike outside.”

“I am even more convinced that Europe will eventually be submitted to Islam, as has already happened since the seventh century.”

Allam is right.  The Vatican since 1965 and the Vatican II conference (and associated ‘reforms’, many of which have been negative), and the slide into Globalist-Liberalism, has openly promoted the end of European-American civilisation, through open-borders, Moslem immigration, Globaloney-warming (from a trace chemical necessary for life), and the rejection of local-national self-determination and the imposition of a World Government.  The anti-reality support of Moslems and Islam, even as Christians are daily raped, slaughtered, exiled, abused with their Churches torn down (500 a year in Nigeria on average), beggars belief. 

Converts to the Catholic Church can often times see things more clearly than cradle Catholics.  Islam is not a religion but a cult.  Nothing that Islam evinces supports the idea that it is a religion. The Koran and Islamic liturgy is clear. Non-Moslems are to be destroyed, or at the very least must submit to the Al-Lah idol. If anyone bothers to read the Bronze-age artifacts which inform the Koran you will understand this.

There is precious little intelligence in ignoring the obvious about Islam. Marxists like the current Pope, of course love Islam.  They believe that appeasement will generate camaraderie and tolerance.  However, for Pope Frank and most of the Vatican, as with the followers of Muhammad, these Liberals detest the West, civilization, the traditional Catholic Church and even Jews.  The Marxist-Liberal and Muhammad cults are fellow-travellers until the time arrives when the Marxists too will be subsumed by the Meccan cult.

Yes Pope Frank, you do reap what you sow.