Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Book Review: Islam: Evil in the name of God

It sure is.

by Ferdinand III

This book is based on the articles and information from It is a compendium of why Islam is a cult. This is the key and important message about Islam. The cult of Muhammad is not a religion; not a theology of peace, love and tolerance. It is jihadic, intolerant, fascist, racist and supremacist. The individual is to be consumed by the Umma or community [the definition of fasces or fascism]. Anyone outside of the cult cannot be trusted, befriended, or tolerated. The moon deity Hub'al or the iLah of Mecca, desires to control the world [the supremacist theme]. Nothing else can be tolerated.

The book is jammed with information and needs to be reorganized. A good editor would make it more accessible and logical in its presentation. This is the main weakness of the work. However, that fact does not obscure its value. Anyone who has drunk the kool-aid that Islam is a religion of peace, needs to read this book and become re-educated. Islam, like Nazism and Communism, is a plague on mankind, a disease of the mind and soul, a cancer on the body politic, a foul bacteria in the blood of mankind. It needs to be erased.

A major theme of this book is that Islam is a cult. It most certainly is. The following are some pertinent facts that the book reveals:

-The barbarism of Sharia in which criticizing Islam or Muhammad is punishable by death, non-Moslems living in Moslem lands must pay a head tax or jizyah; women are strictly controlled and cannot leave the house without the accompaniment of a male relative; jihad is mandatory [Fatwa 5414 no 21, pg 245]; democracy is illegal; and the cult rules the state via Sharia Law. This is the future that Dhimwits and Dhummies want for the West.

-Moslem men can enjoy unlimited sexual benefits, sex with prostitutes, weekend marriages or sex with under-age girls with the marriage dissolved on Sunday, illimitable numbers of sex-slaves or those they 'possess with the right hand', the ability to rape Kufar women who are 'meat', and Moslem men can kill queers since homosexuality is punishable by death within Islam.

-Within the Islamic Trilogy of hate [Koran, Sira and Hadiths], fully 328.000 words of intolerance, violence, racism and supremacism exist. By contrast within the Old Testament some 34.000 words of war and violence are written or a mere 10% of what Moslems worship.

-Politics and war within the Koran, are 5 times more prominent, than words or phrases telling Moslems to be nice and charitable to other Moslems. Jews, Christians and Pagans are to be exterminated of course. There are no kind words to non-Moslems in the Koran, Sira or Hadith. This means that Islam is a political theology, or polycracy, not a cult of tolerance and religion.

-In Mein Kampf 7% of the text is anti-Semitic. In the Moslem Trilogy it is 10%, and within the Medinan or 2nd and most important part of the Koran, it is 17%.

-Within the Islamic Trilogy 31% of the text adjures Jihad and rationalizes why non-Moslems must be exterminated.

-The low status of the female is revealed in the fact that 2/3 of all references to women, portray them as low status, as slaves, or as assets of the man – one woman amongst many for the male Moslem. Women are sex toys and procreational assets.

Islam is in short, very evil.

Since Islam is so far outside the realm of all human intellectual rationality and reason, so diabolically evil that no normal person can comprehend such evil....Muhammad invented Allah and turned him into the a criminal god – the Anti-God to give political power to himself and utilize his made up teachings....There is no radical Islam. There is no moderate Islam, Islam is Islam.”

This is the key message of the book. Islam is Islam – a cult of evil. There is no Christian or Jewish God within Islam. The Allah or ilah or the Lord of Mecca was of course Hub'al the moon deity. He was Muhammad's family idol as well. He is ruthless, unknowable, violent, immoral, saturated in lust and blood. The tenets of this moon deity given through Muhammad are the antithesis of Christianity. Islam is thus in-toto, the anti-Christ, or anti-Christian cult. Its mandate is simple. Wipe out every other competing system of thought in the world; including Judaism, Christianity, democracy, secularism, Marxism, Communism, Buddhism, animism, Darwinism, science or scientism, and any system built on rationality or meta-physics.

How is such a program religious ? Islam is an evil cult. Full stop. Sadly many useless idiots in the West preach the opposite.