Friday, September 27, 2013

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Christianophobia – Islam's hatred of Christians - 10 million enslaved or killed

Submit, shut up and obey.

by Ferdinand III

Moslem propaganda assumes ignorance on the part of the general public, and within the elitist realms of the Western media and political circles. Most people do not study history, could care less about where their civilization came from; and have no interest in immaterial matters, or how the spiritual can affect and inform the material. This vacuum of knowledge and learning makes it easy for Moslem apologists and ribald propagandists to lie, distort, deceive and misinform. These verbs are by the way, a central part of both past and present Arab and Moslem culture. Islam is built on lies and Jihad.

A key component of Moslem disinformation and Ministry of 'Truth' psychopathy, is the often claimed 'tolerance' towards Christianity that Islam supposedly proffers. Such a mendacity is as evil and absurd as the Marxist nitwits who claim that Adolf Hitler was not an Atheist Marxist, but a capitalist Catholic. The boundaries of illiteracy in socialist/Moslem rewriting truly know no limits. One simple example is the claim that Cordoba under Moslem rule was an enlightened depot of 1 million inter-faith loving souls. Archeology and extant literature make it clear that Cordoba was a city of some 40.000 and the Moslems built one mosque and part of a city wall – that was all. In other words Reccopolis [its Visigothic name] was the same size post the Moslem Jihad and bloody takeover. But how many dimwit 'academics' and big brains are teaching the opposite? For these dhimmis Islam is love and perfection, when in reality it is really death and destruction.

In the past 1400 years Moslems have enslaved or killed some 10 million white Europeans, from Iceland to Russia. How many people know this ? During the High Middle Ages, half the population of central Europe was either killed or enslaved by the Ottoman Moslems – a fact which is largely unknown in Europe. Moslems raided the Ukraine and Russia yearly, looking for sex chattel, plunder and wealth. The Mongols converted to Islam and squatted on the richer Rus' civilization for 300 years before Ivan III and IV destroyed their power. The Balkans were a madhouse of fascist governance, with sex slavery, slave-trading, jihad, and yearly campaigns of terror which piled up large stacks of dead Christians, a yearly event. Moslem ports bulged with white European slaves. 30.000 churches or more were destroyed by Moslems from Syria to southern France; and from Athens to Novgorod. Entire cities, villages, and infrastructures of water, hygiene, education, literacy including libraries, annihilated. None of this is taught and much of it is barely remembered.

Instead our minds and rational intellects are assaulted by lies. Islam is peace. Islam invented such and such. Islam is harmony. Islam respects the female. Islam tolerates Jews and Christians. Islam is art and architecture. Islam is never aggressive. Islam is in harmony with Gaia. Islam adds value to each and every state. Without Islam our world would be poorer.

Islam is a system of slavery which denies free will; freedom, rights, religious expression, enquiry, and rationality. It is named submission for a very good reason. Submit, shut up, and obey. That is Islam. It is a cult one finds in the Bronze Age of history. It is not a system which should be supported, or even allowed to exist, grow and flourish in the 21rst century A.D.