Sunday, October 20, 2013

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Islam is an Oriental Moon-Cult. Not a religion.

It denies faith, reason, the individual and the Golden Rule.

by Ferdinand III

Islam is not a religion. It can't be. A religion has four components, none of which are found in the Meccan moon cult practices or its liturgy:

  1. The Golden Rule.

  2. Tolerance for all men.

  3. Free-will and recognition of individual worth.

  4. Reason through faith, and rationality through hope.

These are the 4 essential building blocs of releasing human energy, potential and spiritual awareness. All must be present to form what Westerners call a 'religion'.

Few of the definitions of a 'religion' make any sense. Most employ two aspects; the first being a belief in the supernatural; and a second recognizing a 'world-view'. But any definition using these two components seems to be inadequate. Why is this ? Namely a religion of faith cannot be the same as a cult.

A true religion has little to do with magic, supernaturality, or 'fate' determined by actors in the greater cosmos. God is not some clock-making entity, interested in your every move and thought. Moslem Jinns or devils, angels, omnipotent mars, venus or Sin the moon deity; or anthropogenic Gods such as Jupiter or Zeus manipulating your life, do not make a religion.

A real 'religion' must set the individual free. It is centred on the four aspects listed above. Humanism is the core of a real religion. Humanism is the acceptance of human worth, dignity, and individuality. 'God' in a theology of the Golden Rule, tolerance, free-will, and reason through faith; is the spark of life, the essence of human consciousness, the belief that your ego is superseded by more important factors; the recognition and truth that science cannot, and never will know all of the mysteries of life, death, the soul, including the obvious fact that somehow, on a small planet, in a small galaxy for whatever reason, life and creation was formed. Life in itself might be proof enough of 'God'.

True religion cannot and never should be centred on 'fate', acts of 'divinity', or rituals premised around supernaturality. This is ritualization, not a religion. A true religion of the Golden Rule, tolerance, free-will and reason through faith, is concerned ultimately with truth. What is the true nature of man ? What is the objective of life and living ? How can we explain our environment ? How should we employ our skills ? What do I as an individual have to offer?

The great questions of life can only be answered if you have faith, through the form of a true religion.

There is little argument that the above makes sense. The modern world was created through the European Christian project in which the 4 essential components of a religion were found. These 'self evident' verities, were jettisoned, during the Enlightenment, an era which demonized faith, extolled irrational rationality, and bequeathed to the world, the Fascistic ideals of Marxism, National Socialism and Secular Statism. A real question never asked is - how enlightened was the Enlightenment ? Science, math, logic and metaphysics long pre-dates the so-called Enlightenment.

If we turn to Islam we can see that none of the essentials of a religion are present. Islam is a political project built on the foundations of millenia-old moon cult worship, whose origins pre-dated Mohammed by at least 3.000 years. Moon object worship, and the idolizing of various phases of the moon, has long almost neolithic ancestry in the Near East and Arabia. The Arabs were idolators who believed in celestial power. Al-Allah or Hub'Al [Sin], shortened to 'Allah' was a recognized symbol of the male moon deity, the father and protector of other celestial deities, a celestial symbol who had wives and children. Al-Allah has nothing in common with the Judeo-Christian ideals of 'God'; nor do any of the 4 elements of a true religion exist in the theology of Allah.

Islam denies free-will and self-expression. This is clearly stated in the Koran, the Hadiths and evident throughout Islamic practice and history. The 'umma or community is more important than the individual. The Koran demands ritualization, prostration, and memorization. It does not allow debate, inquiry or reason through faith. Islam has never created, manufactured or innovated anything. The few score of 'inventions' erroneously ascribed to Muslims, were of course the works of others – Hindus, Christians, Jews, Orthodox Greeks, or Persians. The poverty of disavowing the individual and subsuming him into the mass of patterned cult members is evident in the obvious failure of the Arab and Islamic world – resplendent today in the moral, economic, political and social devastation which has regressed and retarded the development of 1.6 billion people.

Islam and the Koran are intolerant theologies built on Arab and Muslim racism and supremacism. There is no question that Islam is the most virulently racist and supremacist ideology in history. It surpasses Nazi Germany in its Jew-hate. Muslim racism has existed and expanded over 1400 years. It is the longest running racist obsession in history. The swaggering arrogance and certainty that the Meccan male deity is destined to hold sway over the globe easily outpaces in attitude and energy that of the Russian Fascists or Communists, who with their bizarre Marxian illogic, predicted the internal collapse of the 'West' and the replacement of capitalist individuality with community-based socialism.

No proof can be offered that Islam accedes to the humanist demand of free-will, reason, tolerance and the Golden Rule, be the foundations of society. The Koran demands the conversion, destruction, or slavery of the 'other'. There is no compassion for the non-Muslim in Islamic liturgy – none. The only phrases of caring and consideration that one can find in Islamic texts are always directed only to Muslims. Non-Muslims as the Koran makes evident, are destined for eternal damnation in the fires of hell – a call repeated in almost every chapter, on almost every page.

Churchill's appreciation of Islam was entirely correct: it is the most retrograde force in human history. It is not a religion. It does not release the individual through hope, faith, reason, tolerance, gratitude or the Golden Rule. It binds the individual in ritualized chains to the community, managed by an elite, who will decide what you do, when and why. It demands expansion, supremacist racism and violence. It encases the demeaning prostration of the self to the communal, in layers of supremacism and illiterate stupidity. Memorization, obedience, fundamentalist interpretation, intolerance and ultimately hate and killing are the true characteristics of the pagan moon cult of Mecca.

Islam is simply a destructive ideology based around the age-old Fascistic orientalism one would expect to emanate from the backwaters of Arabia. If Islam is a religion than so too was the Sky-God theology of Chinghis Khan or the Aryan-Atheist-Evolutionist fascism of Adolf Hitler and friends.