Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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Hise and the Moslem war against the Christian world

Islam wishes to destroy Christianity. Period.

by Ferdinand III

In his book, A Christian View of the War Against Islam, Richard T. Hise gives a partial list of the Moslem destruction of Christian life, in its 1400 year Jihad to conquer the world and exterminate Jews, Christians and non-Moslems.

-Spain 8th and 9th centuries. Millions of Christians killed, enslaved and forcibly converted by Moslems. At Ruejda in 967 AD for instance, 4.000 Christians who had surrendered to Moslem forces had their heads cut off.

-Italy 9th century. “So many Christians were slaughtered in the Piedmont Alps that one spot was named the field of martyrs.” Southern France and northern Italy were for 2 centuries, killing fields for Moslems. Travellers, traders, innocents – it did not matter. The coasts of Italy were yearly savaged by Moslem raiders, which is why the Italians built mountain-top cities inland which so captivate tourists today. The coast was uninhabitable.

-1077 Seljuk Moslem Turks conquered Jerusalem and immediately murdered at least 3.000 civilians.

-1258 Antioch was destroyed by Moslem Arabs and 40.000 put to death.

-1292, the sack of Tyre by Moslems resulted in 30,000 dead.

-1389 at the battle of Kosovo the victorious Moslem army killed every single Serb on the field of battle including the wounded and those who surrendered [about 25.000].

-1453 Constantinople, at least 30.000 were butchered by the Moslems in the city, with another 30-40.000 sold into slavery.

-Tamerlane in the mid 15th century executed 100.000 Hindu prisoners and built a skull pyramid. He also killed 200.000 Christians in Iraq.

-1526 at Mohacs, 20.000 Christian Hungarians were killed by the Ottomans, their heads cut off and spiked. Over the next 150 years some 3 million Hungarians were killed or enslaved by the Ottomans.

-1683 while attacking Vienna a huge Moslem army murdered all of the 4.000 civilians of Perchtoldsdort, a village not far from Vienna.

-1821 Moslems invaded the Greek island of Chios and killed and enslaved the entire Christian population of about 50.000.

-Between 1895 and 1915 the Moslem Turks liquidated 2 million Armenian Christians in a genocide.

-1922 Moslem Turks captured the Greek port of Smyrna now Izmir 300.000 non-Moslems were murdered.

-1955 a 300.000 strong Moslem mob in Constantinople now Istanbul, attacked non-Moslem Greek-Christian homes, businesses and churches. Rapes and sexual attacks were legion.

-1990s in Sudan some 2.2 million black Christians were murdered by Arabs and Moslems.

-9-11; London on 7/7, Madrid, Moscow, Bali, Bezlan, Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, Israel.....[pgs 68-72]

This is only a partial list. A pattern is however rather obvious to any except those blinded by hate for Western Christianity, or who for whatever reason are fellow-travellers of the Moslem cult. For the most part Moslems themselves see nothing wrong with the list. The Koran advocates war, Jihad, plunder, rape and the annihilation of the sub-human 'infidel'. Most Moslems are quietly pleased that their cult is so transparently savage and barbaric.