Friday, January 10, 2014

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Islam's war against Christ's church

1400 years of Jihad against Christianity...see a trend ?

by Ferdinand III

In 2013 between 2.000 and 10.000 Christians were killed by Moslems. The Middle East is being expunged of Christianity as Islam crushes, exiles, kills, effaces, or in some cases forcibly converts followers of Christ. Yet few offer a protest, including the Pope who constantly streams out the message that he 'respects' Islam. Moslems do not respect you Pope Francis, nor do they tolerate your faith.

In his book, The Islamic War on Christians, Peter Riga gives a partial list of the Moslem attacks on Christians in the past 20 years. Needless to say quackademics and the mainstream media 'useful idiots', have nothing to say about the Islamic Jihad against the hated 'polytheist' Christians. The Koran is very clear – polytheists must die. This commandment confuses the multi-cultural loving elite who assume that Islam is love and happiness, even though 1400 years of Jihad proves Islam to be a fascist-supremacist cult.

-Chaldean Catholic Christians murdered in Iraq while at church.

-Coptic Christians in Egypt, harassed, killed, their villages and churches destroyed.

-South Philippines, Moslems have declared Jihad against the Christians with the intent to build a Moslem-only state.

-Armenian Christians are still killed in Turkey and their church is heavily circumscribed and controlled by the Turkish state.

-The few Christians left in Afghanistan and Pakistan are routinely attacked and some are murdered.

-Converts to Christianity from Islam are routinely attacked, some are killed.

-In Indonesia scores of Christians have been killed and dozens of Christian churches and villages attacked by Moslems.

-2 million dead Christian and Animists litter the Sudan, murdered by Arab Moslems.

-In Nigeria, hundreds of Christians are murdered each year by Moslems, in what the media calls 'sectarian conflict'. Those with brains name it Jihad. .

-Iranian Moslems have all but destroyed Christianity in Iran.

-In Lebanon, after the Moslem inspired civil-war, the once majority Christian state, now sees its dwindling Christian population under attack and persecution.

Add to the above the scores of 'terrorist attacks' and Riga's list, though only partial, would be enough to convince any sentient observer that something is demonstrably and demonically wrong with the cult of Islam. Yet how many Christians protest Moslem violence ? How many churches in their Sunday prayers for the faithful, say a prayer for the thousands of Christians who will be martyred this year by Islam ? How many 'inter-faith' conference failures does it take before Christians wake up and realize that Islam is anti-Christian and is in fact the incarnation of the anti-Christ? How many stacks of dead Christians or 'terror' attacks does it take to convince the average Christian that Islam views you as nothing more than an ape, a pig, a polytheist who must be killed ?

The Moslem program, the Koran, the history of Jihad, the ethos and culture of Islam is the exact polar opposite of the Bible and of Christianity. This is simply a fact. The anti-thesis of Christ's church is Islam which arose in opposition and in violent hatred to Judeo-Christianity. This anti-Christian cult is eradicating Christianity where-ever and when-ever it can.

Wake up.