Thursday, February 6, 2014

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Moslems wiping out Christianity and nary a word from the MSM, elites

Faith genocide.

by Ferdinand III

The Moslem Jihad – war – against Christianity has been on-going for 1400 years. Read the Koran. Christians are evil, stupid, greedy, deluded, worship a false Trinity and have strayed from the 'truth'. As such they are criminal polytheists who need to be either killed or at the very least dominated by the 'superior' cult of Muhammad. In this life and the next they are to be tortured and humiliated. How charming. In 1900 Christians made up 20% of the population in the Middle East. Now it is less than 2 %. See a trend ?

Americans aiding Syrian 'rebels' aka Moslem fanatics to butcher Christians: link

Half of Iraq's Christian population has fled or been killed since 2003: link

Attacks against the 8 million remaining Egyptian Copts on the rise with the end of Mubarak: link

Once Christian-areas now Moslem: link

Christianity is being wiped out in its birthplace. It is a faith-genocide that goes unreported. Instead the nitwits and Marxists worry about Islamophobia, appeasing Moslems, more Moslem immigration and footbaths at airports.