Friday, May 16, 2014

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Photos from the Moslem slaughter of Christians in an Iraqi church 2010

But remember Islam is love and tolerance......notice the dead babies?

by Ferdinand III

From Ibrahim's page [link].

These pictures are from the 2010 Islamic raid on the Our Lady of Salvation Church in Iraq. The dead are found in the Christian church. Notice the dead Christian babies.
Armed jihadis stormed the church during worship service, opened fire indiscriminately at the Christian worshipers, before detonating their suicide vests, which were “filled with ball bearings to kill as many people as possible.”
But remember – Islam is peace; and loves the idiots of the world tell us.

Dead Christian baby, victim of the jihad.

Mutilated carcass of one of the jihadis, after detonating his suicide vest.

Different angle of martyrdom-seeking jihadi.

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