Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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Atheist Dhummies: Hitler was an Evolutionist and Anti-Christian

The Nazis anti-Western, anti-Christian theology was plain for all to see

by Ferdinand III

The Nazis were the most anti-Christian pagan-racist-supremacist cult in history – after Islam. The Russian fascists named 'Communists' were not far behind. Anyone who believes that Hitler was a Christian, or that Darwinist-Evolutionary-Nazi dogma, which preached the exact opposite of Christianity, including, survival-of-the-fittest, racialism, species 'progression', might-makes-right, euthanasia, destruction of the weak, and war to weed out the 'unfit races' was either 'Western', or 'Christian; is in dire need of medication and psychiatric help. This would include Atheists, new-age Marxists, and anti-Christian bigots and science-fiction writers. 

This editorial in the Cedar Rapids Gazette in 1983, would never published today because it states the obvious truth. Hitler and his anti-Western, anti-Jew, anti-Christians, anti-democratic totalitarianism, was premised on evolution, Darwinian dogma, and materialist dialecticism – and all are in vogue today aren't they ?

1983 Newspaper article [link]