Monday, June 23, 2014

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What Moslems don't know about their Koran -hate, revisions, a long historical development

Nothing in the Koran makes any sense, and many Korans exist.....

by Ferdinand III

What Moslems don't know about the Koran.

-Its violence, racism and supremacism.

-The 1500 + verses of anti-Christian hate.

-The Sanaa Koran which contradicts the 4 versions [yes 4, with the 'main' Koran being the 'Cairo version'] of what is considered the modern Koran.

-1000 different Korans exist in recent discoveries in Yemen.

-Historical Korans indicate a massive amount of changes, additions, deletions and insertions ranging over 400 years.

But no worries. The moon deity of Mecca, Hub'Al, named the Lord or ilah, handed it down through the archangel Gabriel, to the mad fascist Muhammad.