Friday, June 27, 2014

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Atheists are so desperate, that quacks such as Bruno are now 'scientists'

Bruno did not die for 'science'......

by Ferdinand III

The atheists, who also call themselves humanists, progressives and 'scientists', are so desperate to prove that there is a 'war' between science and Christianity; that historical rewriting to an insane degree is mandatory to achieve their objective. In every single atheist-materialist textbook, website of disinformation, and or dialectical presentation of contra-reality 'science'; the name of 'Bruno' is uttered. It is absurd. Bruno, the 16th century mystic and magi, was not a martyr to science, but to theology. The difference is quite extraordinary. For the real story of Bruno see here.

Bruno was a disgraced Dominican monk, who was quite likely mentally ill. He believed in magic, multi-verses, self-impregnating universes, and that Christ was just a clever conjurer and Moses a magi priest. Why the man ever became a monk is hard to understand. It would be as if Stephen Hawking was the archbishop of Canterbury, or Richard Dawkins a Cardinal. The untutored and unintelligible Bruno was a powder keg ready to explode.

In a recent TV crockumentary on 'Science vs. Religion' named Cosmos, the Bruno myth was dusted off and presented as 'fact'. As with all matters of the theology named materialism, lies are paraded as facts. One reviewer, who commented:

Bruno's execution, troubling as it was, had virtually nothing to do with his Copernican views. He was condemned and burned in 1600, but it was not because he speculated that the Earth rotated around the sun along with the other planets. He was condemned because he denied the doctrine of the Trinity, the Virgin Birth, and transubstantiation, claimed that all would be saved, and taught that there was an infinite swarm of eternal worlds of which ours was only one. The latter idea he got from the ancient (materialist) philosopher Lucretius. Is it any surprise, then, that, as a defrocked Dominican friar denying essential tenets of Catholic doctrine and drawing strength from the closest thing to an atheist in the Roman world, he might have gotten in trouble with the Inquisition? Yet a documentary series about science and our knowledge of the universe fritters away valuable airtime on this Dominican mystic and heretic, while scarcely mentioning Copernicus, the Polish guy who actually wrote the book proposing a sun-centered universe.”

Not one single scientific experiment was ever performed by this supposed martyr to 'science'. Bruno had as much to do with the burgeoning, expanding, exciting endeavors of science in the Middle Ages, as Islam. That is to say nothing.