Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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A partial list of lies issued by 'Humanist' Dhummies, regarding Christianity

From Petrarch to Hawking, the propaganda of the ignorant

by Ferdinand III

Lies, myths and innuendo which is spread about the Church and Medieval and modern Christianity, spread by the Atheist/Humanist class of Dhummies. A list would include:

1) Myths about Church doctrine / corruption

-The Bible is the opposite of the Koran or any other document [it defends free-will, the individual, universal ethics, reason and faith]

-The Bible has two very important and self-reinforcing 'books' [laws and historiography; and the gospel of the golden rule]

-Catholics do not worship Mary and other apocrypha

-Christ did die and was resurrected [miracles do happen, there is an immaterial energy]

-Sola Scriptura [Luther] is wrong [he denies free-will, individual conscience]

-Era of Papal corruption was defined and short [but real]

-Women were / are freed in Christian theology

2) Myths about the Church being anti-science

-'Enlightenment', Protestant, anti-Church lies based on a wilful ignorance of the past 

-There is a long list of scientific accomplishments in the medieval era from 500-1500

-Apogee of Western art, architecture, literature, language was in the Medieval period – how to explain that in a 'dark age'

-900-1300 greatest increase in living standards in history until 1750 [industrialization]

-Galileo and Bruno myths [nothing to do with science]

-Evolution, Naturalism, Cosmological myths and non-science abound

3) The Inquisition

-2500 people killed over 250 years [about ¼ of yearly Moslem daughter slaughter]

-The State not the Church, killed those condemned

-In some areas the Inquisition was necessary [Albigensian, intra-Church corruption]

-Church canon law was superior to secular law [and informed secular law later on]

4) Crusade myths

-For 400 years Moslems destroyed Christian civilization from Syria to southern France

-Some 1-2 million Christians were enslaved, tens of millions forcibly converted

-The unending Jihad included rape, yearly campaigns of war, piracy, plunder

-Jerusalem retaken in 1099 was not 'knee deep in blood'

-List of Moslem atrocities against Christians is long and sordid

-Banking, Trade, Capital innovations – all occurred in Christian Europe from 900-1200

5) Myths re Church intolerance/anti-Semiticism

-Catechism by its nature is open, tolerant

-Jews made up the early Christian church

-Jews were not persecuted by the Church [eg Crusades, medieval Europe]

-1 million Jews saved by Catholics and the Vatican in WW2

-Church did not direct imperialism/genocide/subjugation

6) Hitler was a Christian

-Nazi theology was Darwinian/Evolutionary

-Hitler hated Christianity, so did the Nazi leadership

-Bible was outlawed in 1942, Church under Nazi control

-5 million Catholics were gassed during WW2

Today the pagan barbarity of abortion, Darwinism, Islam [it is a cult not a religion]; and other Atheistic-naturalist theologies are rarely condemned. 'Humanists' or Atheists and Marxists, have spent 400 years rewriting history. Lies are not facts. Neither is propaganda reasonable history.