Friday, July 4, 2014

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Faith Genocide - modern day destruction of Christianity

Worldwide persecution against the Church - 200 million at risk

by Ferdinand III

About 170.000 Christians are martyred for their faith each year (over 400 per day). Link

The huge brains not only do not care, they revel in the blood of martyred Christians. Gays, Lesbians, Trangenders and Moslem 'feelings' are far more important to the really clever people, than huge stacks of mutilated Christians. Out of 191 countries, Christians are being persecuted in over 130. Link to list of countries which persecute Christianity. The top Christian-persecuting states are all Moslem, with the exception of atheist North Korea which is in the process of killing 70.000 Christians.

The Moslem-Atheist Jihad is a world-wide phenomenon. We are witnessing in real time nothing less than a world-wide faith genocide. The attacks against Christianity today and in the past 100 years; are more virulent, bloody, barbaric and industrialized, than at any other time in Church history. 200 million Christians, today right now, are being attacked, or are under threat of Jihadic violence and intolerance. This is 10% of the total number of Christians in the world.

Consider the following:

  • Christianity was 20% or more of the Near East population in 1900. Today it is less than 2 %. Why? Islam and the Jihad.

  • Hitler's Evolution-Darwinian regime gassed 5 million Catholics

  • Stalin's Atheist regime tore down 40.000 Churches and murdered some 5-10 million Russian Orthodox believers

  • Mao's Atheist regime murdered hundreds of thousands of Christians – a process still on-going in today's 'modernizing' China

  • Iraq: half of Iraq's Christians have fled the country since the fall of Hussein and about 5.000 have been murdered in the past year; including babies, innocents, and pregnant women. Churches have been torn down, and now ISIS is murdering Christians going door to door seeking them out in some cities.

  • Egypt: Moslems are attacking Christians, raping Christian women and forcing Coptic Christians from their homes

  • Syria: By 2012, most of the 80,000 Christians in Homs had been 'cleansed' from their homes. ISIS and Moslem 'radicals' are still murdering Christians in 2014 in a so-called civil war – one fascism to be replaced by yet another.

  • Iran: Moslems who apostasize and convert to Christianity are killed – by law.

  • India: up to 70,000 Christians in Orissa have been forced to flee their homes from Hindu mobs

  • Indonesia: Between 2000-2002 Muslims slaughtered 10,000 Christians, and the persecution still goes on 12 years later. The Moslem violence against Christians is now found in the Philippines and Malaysia.

  • Europe: EU equality directives, mosque funding, Moslem immigration programs and Moslem-only schools are feeding into anti-Christian sentiment across the Continent. Hate speech laws target Christians who speak out against Islam.

  • USA: Following the EU's path. The Federal government is actively engaged in trying to control the Catholic Church and make the Church conform to secularist theology. Moslem immigration is at all-time highs, and Moslem 'faith' groups, which promote the destruction of Christianity are funded by tax-money.