Monday, July 14, 2014

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Shades of Moslem Fascist green

One group of fascists advising another......

by Ferdinand III

Moslem Fascism:

Taliban fighters in Afghanistan have told ISIS militants in Iraq to "avoid extremism". The Mail on Sunday reports that the Afghani fundamentalists have told ISIS, which is predominantly Sunni, to avoid ‘disturbing’ other sectors of Islam.

Taliban commanders also told ISIS fighters to respect the rule of law in their newly established Islamic state.

The declaration was uploaded to one of the Taliban’s websites this week, and although it does not name ISIS directly, it clearly refers to them. The message said: "It is worthy for a shurah (consultation) council to be formed from the leaders of all the jihadi factions and the distinguished people among the experts and the scholars in Sham (Syria) in order to solve their conflicts.”

Oh yes Moslem law. The rule of bronze-age barbarism perhaps such as pagan Sharia?

In related news the National-Socialist Communists have implored the National-Socialist Fascists, to 'not be too extreme...especially when it comes to gassing Jews and Catholics.” Moderation is needed the Communists implore, and judicial processes must be followed before the Nazis liquidate their foes.

As with the totalitarian creeds and like-minded constructs of Nazism and Communism; the Koran mandates Jihad. Jihad is a 6th and central pillar of the communal Fascism called Submission. One group of fascists [Taliban] imploring a new and more violent group of fascists [ISIS] not to be so 'extreme' is preposterous. But of course the Liberal-Marxist Western media will now declaim that the Afghani Taliban are 'moderate'.....