Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Moslem Fascists in Iraq and beyond, are preparing a Christian genocide

Just following the Koran and the moon deity not to mention Fuehrer Muhammad.

by Ferdinand III

Moslem Fascism – just following the Koran. ISIS is planning a Christian genocide in Iraq, marking the houses of Christians with a 'N' or Nazarene. Christians are being raped, attacked, their propery and wealth confiscated, and the Moslems are going to slaughter thousands of them – as per Koranic 'law', better termed bronze-age barbarism. Western Moslemophiles will twitter with delight, flicking their hair and orgasming over the benefices of multi-culturalism, whilst they regale themselves, like the brain-dead of the world do, with reality-tv.

Departing Christians who attempted to take belongings [Mosul in Iraq] said they were robbed of their possessions and forced to take residence in camps for displaced persons. 

Phones, money, jewelry were all confiscated. Even the cars in which they have tried to flee have been taken. One woman claimed to be robbed of $15,000. Even wedding rings are being seized. 

The Islamic State is serious about its intention to form a new Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East and to export Islam by whatever means necessary. The initial conquest is over, and now the consolidation of power has started. Once the cities and borders are secure, the state will likely cast its hungry gaze on neighboring cities, without respect for borders.”  Link