Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Moslem Fascism and the Christian genocide

The world weeps for Arab mothers in Gaza - not a tear for Christians.

by Ferdinand III

Islam is a total cult dedicated firstly to the Meccan Lord Hub'Al the moon deity, or 'The One', namely al-ilah. Allah does not mean God. Second, Islam is a cult totally dedicated to the most important man in history [before Barry Soetoro], namely Muhammad. Read the Koran. There is not a scintilla of an ethical program within the Koran. Moslems are to be nice to non-Moslems and kill or dominate everyone else. It is a lurid, dichotomous and obscenely intolerant world-view that the Nazis and Communists would also employ.

The Nazis annihilated the Churches because they opposed the cult of Hitler [and its 'science' of evolution]. The Communists tore down 40.000 Orthodox Churches and erased Christianity because as in Germany, Christian metaphysics was in opposition to the National Socialist/Fascist/Communist plan, itself also based on 'science' and the perfectibility via the state of mankind's character [a form of utopian evolution].

Moslems are erasing Christianity across the world, because the Christian project as stated in the Koran, is the enemy of Islam.

'Militant Moslems' blow up the shrine to Jonah – a 2.000 year old artifact of Christian faith. Proving that Islam is love and tolerance.

Syrian soldiers whose heads found a new home on spikes, courtesy of 'Extremist' Islam: