Thursday, August 28, 2014

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Russophiles and Moslemophiles - a group of sad, sorry, mentally deficient utopians

Not hard to find geniuses who applaud Russia and excuse Islam.

by Ferdinand III

The Russian invasion of the Ukraine is rather obvious. This incursion into foreign territory was easily predicted back 6 or 7 years ago, by simply listening to the neo-Soviet Politburo chatter in the Kremlin. The intention is to annex not just the Crimea – a tasty starter – but the industrialized, mineral-rich Eastern Ukraine. Russian troops in their thousands now operate in the Ukraine, yet Western Russophiles deny the invasion, deny the bloodshed initiated by the Neo-Soviet cabal in Moscow, and even defend Russian eradication of Ukrainian sovereignty in the Crimea and the Eastern Ukraine. If China invades Siberia or the neo-Soviet borderlands rich with resources; I would expect the same cacophony of stupidity to rain down in support of the Chinese invasion.

According to Russophile geniuses, the Ukrainian government is 'fascist' [Hitler's cult of evolution and race supremacy I suppose they mean]; is engaged in killing Ukrainians by the score; whilst Russia is simply trying to 'feed' and 'cloth' the 'poor people' caught in the Ukrainian government's Hobbesian war of the state Leviathan against the peasants. Marxist revolutionary chants and sloganeering included. Apparently the 'Ukrainian separatists' are freedom loving pro-Moscow, pro-human rights saints, desirous of trade, culture, peace and love.

One would expect that such a distorted mental illness in viewing an obvious invasion, informs the Russophile's view of Islam – obviously 'most' Moslems [like the Russians] are peaceniks, intent on inter-faith harmony and understanding. If there is violence in the name of the cult of Submission, than blame the victim. If the Russians invade a neighbouring country, blame the raped and plundered.

If Putin were to cut off Porosenko's head with his own macho-army issued machete, the Russophiles [aka Soviet supporters]; would blame the Ukrainian untermensch, just as Moslemophiles ignore the severed heads, the recent 3.000 dead Christians in Syria and Iraq, and the mutilated bodies of raped women, and bloody babies, shrugging their relativist shoulders and moaning 'what about the Crusades?' Geniuses.