Friday, November 14, 2014

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Michael Coren: 'Hatred; Islam's war on Christianity'. Stating the obvious.

The Moslem Jihad of 1400 years against Christianity, is only news to the ignorant.

by Ferdinand III

Robert Spencer has a post about a book I just bought but have not yet read, from Canadian-Brit Michael Coren named, 'Hatred; Islam's war on Christianity'. Pithy and appropriate title. As a cult, Islam is in part dedicated to the destruction of Christianity. So too were the Nazi and Communist cults – both of which were premised in large part on Evolution and of course Atheistic 'science'. In both totalitarianisms Christians were killed for opposing the 'science' of the state, namely Darwin's Natural Selection in Germany; and Lysenko's Larmarckian Evolution and state-perfection of man thereby, in Russia. Within Islam 'science' is not used to kill Christians but a supremacist theology certainly is. Christians are derided in Mein Koran as 'People of the Book' [a pejorative term, not one of admiration as propagated by the clueless media]; and in 1600 verses of violence, Moslems are adjured to hate, avoid, attack, dominate, enslave, rape and kill them. The Hadith are no better.

Coren has a well-viewed TV show which dedicates part of its air-time to Moslem attacks on Christians. He is unique in having the courage to do this. Coren was a little late in realizing that Islam was the biggest threat to Christianity, outside of the state and Atheism. I remember discussing with him some years ago the cult of Islam, and he felt that dialogue was indeed possible with Moslems. Now apparently he has seen the light and realizes that the theological texts, the Moslem liturgy, its history of Jihad, the story of its founder; make dialogue not only impossible, but dangerous since it conveys weakness and appeasement.

Spencer on Coren's book:

The bitter irony is that the chimera of Muslim-Christian dialogue is what has kept all too many Christian leaders in the West from speaking out against the ever-growing horror of Muslim persecution of Christians worldwide. In his brief but thorough new book, Hatred: Islam’s War on Christianity, Michael Coren lays out the whole gruesome and dreadful story: how Islamic law mandates second-class status for Christians and an ongoing, legally sanctioned level of harassment and persecution; how Muslims who persecute Christians today are scrupulously following these directives, which are considered to be the law of Allah himself; and how Christians today are suffering levels of persecution not seen since the days when Christianity was a despised and outlawed sect in the Roman Empire – and in some cases, contemporary Muslims make the ancient Romans look like tolerant multiculturalists.

Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, Africa and elsewhere – virtually everywhere that Christians live among Muslims today, Coren shows in Hatred that Muslims are persecuting their Christian neighbors. In Syria and Iraq, Coren details how this persecution has reached such a level that Christian communities that have lived in those countries since the time of Christ have been completely decimated – killed, forcibly converted, or driven into exile – and are likely never to return.”

Islamic Jihad. 1400 years of Christian-hate and war. Don't expect it to stop because some witless politician or media moron drones on about the 'real Islam'. The 'real Islam' is Mein Koran. Read it. Decide for yourself how tolerant and multi-cultural it is. We need more books like Coren's latest.