Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Moon cult Jihad: kill, execute, humiliate and crucify the Christians [Sura 5:33]

Endless war and Jihad against the followers of Christ.

by Ferdinand III

During 1400 years of Jihad, some 150 million Christians have been killed by the Meccan moon cult named Submission. Millions of Christians living under Dhimmitude or a 2nd class slave status, gave up their faith and converted to the Meccan cult during the same period. Taxed, beaten, raped, open to pillage and contempt; millions of Christians over the centuries simply adopted the totalitarian theology of their conquerors to lessen the pain of living.

Jihad or the struggle to subdue, kill or convert the hated Kufar, is a vital element in Islam. Beheading and crucifixion verses abound in the Koran and Hadith [8:34, 5:33 for eg]. None of the images below will ever make it to a main stream, lame-brain media broadcast. Imagine if Catholics had enacted similar barbarisms against Moslems. There would be an endless call by the big-brains to disband the entire edifice of the Catholic Church. Not so with the Meccan moon cult. More calls for love, tolerance, and more declarations of Islam's superiority from the big-brains.

Egypt 2012 a Coptic woman raped then killed with a crucifix.

Nigeria 2013, Christians are attacked and burnt by Moslems.

Iraq and Syria 2014. Christians are being crucified.

2014, a Christian is crucified in Egypt.

December 2014, 30 Christians beheaded in Kenya by Moslems.

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