Saturday, December 27, 2014

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Media Dhimmis and Dhummies - ISIS and 'Extremist' Islam

ISIS is Islam. Islam is ISIS.

by Ferdinand III

Another pop-culture expose of Islam and ISIS in the mainstream media. How nauseating it becomes. The Moslemophiles and lovers of a moon cult fascism dominate the media. 'Deniers' of the 'Islam is peace' meme are barely given ink to spill or TV time to grin and comb their coiffures. Here is a typical example of 'journalism' hard at mendacity, trying to convince you that economics and 'boredom' are at the root of Moslem violence.

Jomah, a 17-year-old Syrian who joined Islamic State last year, sat in a circle of trainees for a lesson in beheading, a course taught to boys as young as 8.

Teachers brought in three frightened Syrian soldiers, who were jeered and forced to their knees. “It was like learning to chop an onion,” Jomah said. “You grab him by the forehead and then slowly slice across the neck.”

A teacher asked for volunteers and said, “Those who behead the infidels will receive gifts from God,” recalled Jomah, who didn’t want his full name revealed. The youngest boys shot up their hands and several were chosen to participate. Afterward, the teachers ordered the students to pass around the severed heads.”

What causes such barbarisms?

Jomah, who quit Islamic State after five months, said he had joined partly for the money and partly out of boredom. He said he had too much idle time after his school in Minbij, a small town in northern Syria’s Aleppo province, was shuttered.”

Boredom? I am sure. What does ISIS teach its slaves?

As Syrian schools fell under the control of Islamic State, radical Islamic preachers replaced certified teachers. History and philosophy were taken out of the curriculum. In Islamic State strongholds of Raqqa and Deir Ezzour provinces, schools are either seized or closed, depending on whether they have enough of their own teachers to staff classes.”

Mein Koran and Mein Muhammad uber alles. Yet the main stream media and this article never blame Islam or Muhammad. It is always 'radical Imams', 'extremists' and 'fundamentalists'. It never dawns on these people that the Koran teaches precisely what ISIS is implementing.

Also witness the authors: Rashed Alsara, Mohammed Nour Alkara and Dana Ballout and Maria Abi-Habib. This is standard fare in the Western media. The authors are all Moslems or secular Arabs bar one.  What do we get ? No mention that the motivation of ISIS is Koranic fascism.  None.  Who joins ISIS - just 'bored boys'.  Unemployed youth.  Impoverished men.  What do they see ? Beheadings, murders, crucifixions - all according to the Bronze Age Barbarism of Sharia non-Law.  These events do not happen in a vacuum good Moslem-Arab writers.  

Islam creates poverty and destruction - it militates against civilization and development by subordinating the secular to the cult.  First, there was no Golden Age.  Moslems squatted and pilloried Dhimmi territory, stealing women, money and the economy.  Second, Islam mandates the killing of apostates, moslems - Munafiqun - who are not pious enough and Jews and Christian.  These young boys and men witnessed Islam hard at work - all according to Mein Koran.