Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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The myth of the Moslem Golden Age....death, Jihad, slavery, destruction....

Nothing was produced by 'Islam', only by its Dhimmi-slaves.

by Ferdinand III

The pernicious lie that Islam had a Golden Age, is a totemic symbol for the cult of the multicultural in which the Western political-media elite has invested their energies, time and prestige. Like academics the political-media elite is loathe to give up their cherished theologies even in the face of reality. Witness the modern Moslem Jihad in which during 2014 alone, some 5.000 Christians in Iraq and Syria were killed, murdered or crucified [5:33]. Little mention by the political-media elite is made of this fact. The modern Moslem Jihad terrifies them, and confirms that over 1400 years the Islamic Jihad has displayed a fascistic loathing of Jews, Christians, Hindus, non-Moslems, Blacks, and even Moslem women.

If you dismantle the 'golden age' of Islam meme, the multicultural basis for allowing Islam to dominate parts of Europe and North America must by extension, be de-legitimized. Certainly the political-social reality of Islam today makes it clear that the cult of Muhammad or Muhammadism stands in direct opposition to civilization and morality. It has always been thus.

Bill Warner on why the golden age of Islam is such a ridiculous myth and the most blatant act of historical – Marxist revisionism.