Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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Moslem Jihad against India - 80 to 150 million killed and enslaved.

The Jihad is ongoing today. See Pakistan or 'Land of the Clean' for more detail.

by Ferdinand III

Mein Koran and Mein Hadith both express the truism that Muhammad's cult was largely built on slavery and sex, both of which were the mainstays of Jihad. Muhammad's cult called 'Submission' or Islam, but which is more accurately named Muhammadism, has enslaved and killed some 200 million or more Blacks and Whites during 1400 years; including supplying the Black slaves for the cross-Atlantic slave trade in which 9 millions went to Brazil, Ecuador, and the Caribbean, and about 400.000 to the United States. Interestingly the great and good never demand 'reparations' from Brazil or the other main depots of Black slavery. Just from America. The hypocrisy does stink. In any event the world-wide Moslem Jihad was generated in large part from the lust for slaves and sex.

One should never forget, though it is rarely taught, that the Moslems wiped out tens of millions of Hindus and enslaved millions more in the Moslem Jihad against India which lasted some 1000 years and is still ongoing today. Koenard Elst in his work 'Negationism in India' calculates that upwards of 80 million Hindus were killed by Moslems in the Jihad. The Hindu Kush mountain range, or 'Killing Hindus', is famously named after this slaughter of the native Indians by Moslems. The Sikh sect was created in part, as a furious militant reaction to this Moslem Jihad. Other Indian historians put the total slaughter at 150 millions. The Moslem genocide against the Hindus is one of the great tragedies of history and one rarely told.

History of the Moslem Jihad in India:

Today we do not have an idea of how a merciless Islamic Jihad forcibly transformed the Hindu and Buddhist society of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh into a Muslim one with a merciless tyranny of over one thousand years. While in the erstwhile Indian territories of what is today Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh; Hinduism was supplanted entirely by Islam, but in what today is called India; the Muslim tyranny succeeded only partially in converting a part of the population to Islam.

In fact those parts of erstwhile Hindu and Buddhist India, where a majority of the Hindus and Buddhists were converted to Islam have become distinct Muslim nations of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh today. These countries were parts of India, before the Muslims invaded that part of the world.”

The Moslem Jihad overwhelmed huge tracts of Buddhist and Hindu territory. There was no mercy shown to the Infidel Kufars. Slavery and the culling of women for sex, men for work, or men and boys for the armies of Muhammad, was unending and merciless. From 80-150 million were killed. A similar number must have been forcibly converted to Muhammadism.