Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Witless worms in the Media. Moslem Fascism is never associated with Islam. Just with 'terror'.

In related news Nazi atrocities have been declared the work of deranged extremists....

by Ferdinand III

Fascist Moslem groups are always 'terrorists' in the vapid ignorance of media reporting. They are never Islamic. In 2014 the Moslem Fascist group Boko Harem slaughtered 11,245 men, women and children, with the vast majority being Christian. It is a Moslem group dedicated to establishing Sharia Law. It follows the Koran and wages Jihad as mandated by Mein Koran. Yet for the media worms it is a terrorist group which kills non-denominational groups of people. Its objective is simply terror. We don't know what they want. So says the MSM.


..Nigeria-based terror group Boko Haram seems bent on escalating the scale and terror of its violence in 2015—after killing an estimated 11,245 people last year, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. It also appears to be on the edge of a significant expansion into neighboring states.

....Boko Haram’s strategic shift from insurgency to governance is a main reason that it was particularly ruthless in its massacres in Baga this month. The city is close to the borders of three other Muslim-majority countries—Chad,Niger and Cameroon. Ominously, Baga was overwhelmed and decimated by Boko Haram even though the village housed both a significant Nigerian Civilian Joint Task Force militia and a multinational task force from neighboring states.

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau has stated his intention to expand the fight into these states, where—with the exception of Chad, which hosts the French Operation Barkhane task force—armies are generally weak and underequipped...”

Boko Harem slaughters Christians, targets 'weak' areas and states, and promises an increase in the ferocity of the Jihad. For the worms in the media this means that the Koranic Fascism of Boko Harem has nothing much to do with Islam, or Moslems in general. In related news Nazi and Communist atrocities during the 1930s and beyond had not much to do with National Socialism or Marxist theology. Just the work of 'extremists'....