Sunday, December 4, 2005

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Islam's failure is in its Ideology

Islam is failing and it should be a concern for everyone

by Ferdinand III

Islam has failed due to many factors but a central reason is that Islam is a hyper dictatorial religion. It is premised on centralized control, on only one way to live, one book to believe, one prophet to follow, one belief that is superior to all others and a view of the world that is male anthropomorphic [females need not apply], and disdains other cultures. Christianity and the Bible are totally different. The Bible is a collection of stories, parables and histories that often conflict with each other. I am not religious but I can see the value of having a 'flexible' spirituality in which there is debate about the meaning of the doctrine. This is entirely healthy. In Islam there is less flexibility in interpretation [only about the real blood lines of the true Prophet], and less curiosity in trying to resolve complex intellectual questions about the Trinity for instance, or the meaning of the 'Son' of God [how can a God be his own Son?]. This type of intellectual ferment is indicative of a culture that is content to debate and understand and not merely follow [witness the Reformation, Luther, Erasmus and the Counter Reformation replete unfortunately with the horror of the 30 years War].

There is plenty of written testimony that from about 900 AD onwards the Christians were far more interested in the Arabs than vice versa. Arab chronicles rarely mention the 'Franks' [the Arab name for all Westerners], except to state that they provide abundant slave material. The Christians traded, traveled and warred against the Arabs and were quite fascinated by many aspects of Muslim society [though not by their religion, neither side apparently had much interest in understanding the other's religious doctrine]. The Christians for all their mistakes, travails and atrocities, were more willing to change, innovate and get ahead then the Arabs, who never really took seriously the incipient threat from the 'Franks'. If they had spent some time understanding the Europeans maybe they would not have fallen so far behind especially post 1683 after their defeat at Vienna.

Islam by its construction expects obedience, and does not elevate curiosity, experimentation or technology creation. It is a contained world - the outside world is inferior and therefore of little interest. Such a society can only attain a certain level before rot and corruption sets in. Any country or empire that has access to easy resources, and easy trade money will inevitably fail, if its political system is 'Oriental' ie. despotic or centralized and based upon nepotism and fear as opposed to talent and freedom.

Islam fits the bill. It is a religion that the ancient Greeks living in the time of tyrannos or the first tyrants would have recognized quite easily. A state religion, a set of concrete rules and limitations on freedom and trade and innovation, all to ensure that the society is not corrupted. That is what the Communists attempted in Russia as well. Their religion was socialism. A variant of tyrannos.

Christianity on the other hand has instilled in Western culture the following important ideals:
1. It provides a necessary bulwark against State power.
2. Christian thought makes the individual accountable for his/her actions. This is a large step forward in ethics and self- determination. Islam has no such belief.
3. Christianity is concerned with the salvation of all souls regardless of caste, income or success. By extension it teaches patience and peace as opposed to war and gaining of spoils.
4. Christianity teaches about freedom to choose, to live and to express inner spirituality without being victimized. This is another large step forward in building harmonious relationships in society.

For these reasons and some others it is important to remember that Western society is a Judeo-Christian framework. Such a framework is diametrically opposed by Islam which is a thought system to unify society - both state and church. Christ taught that Caesar and God are separate. Tolerance, charity, responsibility, dignity were prime traits of the good Christian.

Islam on the other hand teaches people intolerance. Non – believers, heathen and Jews are targeted for either conversion or destruction. The very name Islam means ‘submission’. Islam and the Koran are quite clear – they preach that the world must be Islamicized and must submit to the rule of the Koran. Any and all means including war and terror to achieve this goal is justified. Terror in the name of Islam is a daily event. Such a philosophy facilitates and breeds its own inner demise. It spawns hate and horror. Islam has quite obviously has failed its constituents. This is why 55 % of young Arabs want to leave according to recent reports. When most of the population is illiterate and half starved I find it difficult to state as the Liberal media does that Islam is peaceful, coherent and cultured. Even in moderate countries the religion is abusive to the population and negates modernity.

A philosophy which avows an intention in keeping someone ignorant poor and spiteful does not constitute either a noble religious ideal or good governance. Understanding this places the war on terror in perspective. It would be as if someone said to me 'you know the Nazi pagan philosophy of life has its merits...or… you know communist godlessness is really a moral philosophy elevating the community above god...."

There is a grand difference between religious modernity and religious backwardness. This is the issue. “For Muslims, Islam is not merely a system of belief and worship, a compartment of life, so to speak, distinct from other compartments which are the concern of nonreligious authorities administering nonreligious laws. It is rather the whole of life, and its rules include civil, criminal and even what we would call constitutional law.” B. Lewis, Islam and the West.

It is monolithic, unreformable, immovable and mired in medieval dogma. In the modern world the violent expression of Islam kills Jews, Muslims, Christians, Atheists and Buddhists. There is no logic, no reason, no attempt by the Islamicists to understand their own hatred, their own anger and their own failure. It is easier to blame someone else. This is why Islam is a failure.