Monday, February 23, 2015

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Muhammadism - join or we kill you. Join and enjoy the plunder and material wealth....

Since when is coercion and materialism the tenets of faith?

by Ferdinand III

After conquering Mecca at the head of a 10.000 army – what 'prophet of peace' does not have a personal army ? - Muhammad bribed the Arabs to join Islam. Booty, plunder, rape and sex slavery [for the men only of course], was prescribed as divinely inspired. What 'religion' appeals to such base atavistic impulses? What metaphysics is involved in satiating the demonic appetites of lust, greed and materialism?

Gilchrist, volume 1:

One really wonders how true faith can be bred in a people firstly by force of conquest and secondly, very soon afterwards, by material inducements. Muhammad is alleged to have told his companions "I have made use of the pelf of this world to gain the love of the people that they may become Muslims" (Sarwar, Muhammad the Holy Prophet, p. 321). There is nothing wrong in principle with the generous bestowal of a gift to gain the heart of a man (Luke 16.9), but it does seem to be a very questionable way of cementing faith in God - especially when most religions teach that the desire for possessions is irreconcilable with a true desire for spiritual riches. Jesus despised any form of ulterior or double-motive in those who flocked to him and, knowing what was in the hearts of all men, would not trust himself to those whose faith could only be obtained through the bestowal of one or other form of material benefit (John 2.24-25, 6.26). Another Muslim writer also has the prophet of Islam say:

    "O Ansar, are you angry because I have given away some goods to those whom I sought to win to Islam? Because I deemed their faith confirmable by material goods whereas I deemed yours to be based on solid conviction, to be candid beyond all dissuasion?" (Haykal, The Life of Muhammad, p. 427).”

So let me understand the Muhammadan cult. If you don't join they will kill you. If you do join you are rewarded with plunder, pillage, sexual license and Allah's eternal paradise ? If this is not the definition of insanity than what is ?

Pace Gilchrist, one should also wonder about the witless worms of the modern world, who name a Jihadic cult, founded on sex, violence and murder, a 'religion of peace'.