Monday, April 27, 2015

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Belloc and the primitive, savage Turk who was a perfect fit for the cult of Muhammad.

What better fascism to buy into for the barbaric Turk?

by Ferdinand III

Hilaire Belloc, the great Irish-French historian and writer, wrote in his opus 'The Crusades' the following truisms, lost within the mendacious and immoral modern multi-cultural mantra and meme:

It is remarkable that the Mongol hordes, from their first wave onward, had fitted in at once with the social structure and creed of Islam. Why and how this was so has never been explained. It has not even been described. Their own bloody or absurd superstitions, barbaric as they were, without substance or philosophy, or reason, yielded at once to the religious spirit of the society into which they came. They became not only Mohammedan, but fanatically Mohammedan, and through their military power what had already begun to be the decline of the Mohammedanism recovered.”

Belloc, is referring to both the Mongols descended from the great destroyer Chinghis Khan; and the Turks. Both branches of the barbarous Mongol converted to the cult of Muhammad – or Mohammedanism, as Belloc rightly calls Islam. The Mongol-Turkish savagery and conversion to Islam, saved the cult of Mohammed from decay and death. The pre-civilized Turk scorned the Arab as weak and effeminate. Jihad so plainly and obviously the root and core of Mohammedanism; appealed to the atavistic barbarism of the Turk. As Belloc so aptly reasons, the Turk's own lack of intelligence, civilization, and reflection, made them the perfect creatures to adopt Mohammedanism. Islam appeals to the barbarous, not the civilized. It attracts the savagely fanatical.

“...'Turk'...a fierce lust for cruelty and mere destruction, and the letting in of that spirit and all its armed agents was the great and almost mortal wound delivered indirectly by Islam to the civilization of Europe. They burnt and unroofed and massacred everywhere in their campaigns....Their function was the function of the Destroyer, and from the first of the great names among them, Attila, to the very last modern massacre of the remaining Christians in Asia Minor [the Armenian and Assyrian genocides], they have brought with them nothing constructive – only death. [p. 17]

This is an apt summary of Islam. Nothing but death. Wipe out the Infidel. Massacre the Christian. Rape the dhimmi and subservient untermensch. The Golden Age of Islam is a gigantic myth, concocted by Protestants, Atheists and Church haters. It white washes the true Islam revealed by Belloc. Jihadic, violent, primitive, bloody, and crude. Any 'development' during the age of Jihad from 632 to 1683 AD; was in spite of, not because of the cult of Muhammad. Arabs and Moslems offered precious little, except the Arabicization of non Moslem names and individuals, or the appropriation of the merits and advancements of conquered, subjected people and societies.

Belloc knew that Islam has and always will be a failure. We also should know this because the Arab Moslem world today is as sordid a barbarous mess as it was in the 7th century with the Arab devastation of the civilized world; or the 11th, when the Turk converted and pronounced an endless Jihad against civilization. Nothing has changed within Islam in 1400 years. Nothing ever will. It is death and destruction. That is all.